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How To Clean Windows Without Streaks?

How To Clean Windows Without Streaks?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Aug 19 2021
Windows are among the most crucial fixtures of any home as they add to a property's look, aesthetic, and appeal. However, these fixtures are often overlooked during regular cleaning, which is why they accumulate dust, dirt and spots.

These contaminants over time affect the quality of the glass and make them muddy or cloudy. Dirty windows are a major issue, especially if you are a tenant, as they can make you lose the bond money. You should hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane to sanitise the windows and other surfaces or fixtures in your house.

However, follow these tips by expert cleaners for cleaning windows without streaks yourself. Have a look.

Use The Right Techniques

Usually, streaks form on window panes because your cleaning technique is wrong. Other reasons for lines on glass include the following.

  • Using a dirty cloth or sponge
  • Cleaning with newspapers having transferable ink
  • Applying ammonia or alcohol-based commercial cleaners

Besides avoiding these mistakes, you should focus on correcting your technique to have spotless and streak-free windows. A professional trick bond cleaners in Brisbane use is to wipe windows top to bottom. Additionally, you should clean windowpanes quickly to prevent cleaning solutions from drying and leaving lines.

Use Microfiber Cleaning Products

Microfiber material is lint-free and highly absorbent, making it ideal for wet or dry clean windows. Therefore, you should have microfiber cleaning products like a duster, cloth, towels, gloves etc., to remove dust, dirt, grime and spots from glass panes. What's more, these products are gentle and prevent the surface from getting scratches or swirls.

For regular window cleaning, you can wipe the fixture with a dry microfiber cleaning tool, and it will effectively and efficiently pick dust particles, debris, moisture and other physical pollutants.

Avoid Cleaning On Sunny Days

Understandably, sunny days seem perfect for cleaning windows because you can clearly see the spots, smudges, handprints and marks on the glass. However, when the sunlight filters directly through the panes, it dries the cleaning solution faster and makes it hard to clean windows without streaks.

Therefore, you should avoid sanitising the fixtures when it is extremely hot or sunny outside. Ideally, you should clean windows in the morning or late afternoon when the sunrays are slanted.

Sanitise Windows With Homemade Cleaners

Avoid using commercial window cleaners that usually contain ammonia, chlorine or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These cleaners leave lines on the glass panes and pollute the indoor air of homes. Plus, they aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Instead, make homemade cleaners with natural and organic ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda and others. Here are recipes for two cleaners you can make and use easily.

  • In a spray bottle, mix one part vinegar and ten-part warm water. You can use this solution generously to clean windows without streaks. For heavily soiled windows, add one-two teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to the solution, and it will remove tough grime.
  • Make a runny paste of baking soda and water, then apply it liberally on the window. Let the paste dwell for 10-15 minutes before gently scrubbing with a damp sponge. Wipe the surface clean with a microfiber cloth, and you will have streak-less and sparkling windows in no time.

Invest In A Scrubber With A Rubber Squeegee

For cleaning hard to reach windows in your home, get a two-in-one cleaning tool with a scrubber and rubber squeegee. These window cleaning tools usually have an adjustable and telescopic handle and a dispenser for the cleaning solution.

Using this tool, you can easily wash high or low windowpanes without any kind of stress or hassle. Make sure you buy the tool from a reputed brand as cheap ones are fragile and don't last long.

Don't Use Harsh Tools

Avoid using steel wool, metal scrapers, scouring pads and other harsh cleaning tools for removing stubborn stains and spots. Often people try to pry off bird droppings, sticky residues, grime or stubborn marks from window panes, tracks and frames. But, it can scratch the glass, remove paint or polish, or carve deep lines, compromising the fixture's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, make sure only to use soft sponges and brushes to scrub the windows and wipe them with rubber squeegees or microfiber cleaning tools.

Dry The Squeegee In-between Wipes

Another trick many professional bond cleaners in Brisbane use for cleaning windows without streaks is to dry the squeegee in-between wipes. It helps remove access water from the tool and remove moisture on the window easily.

You can use a microfiber cloth/towel to dry the squeegee or use a cotton cloth. A wet squeegee can leave watermarks and lines on the panes, which look unpleasant after the surface dries.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring the indoor and outdoor windows in your home are streak-free and sparkling is more challenging than it seems. You need to use the right products, tools and techniques to keep these fixtures neat at all times.

At the end of a tenancy, hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane to deep clean your rental property and get a complete bond repayment. But, follow the tips by expert cleaners shared above for general cleaning of windows and keep them spotless.