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    Bond Cleaning Brisbane

    Moving Out? At Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, we know the importance of getting the bond money back and that you need to see each and every penny again after you move out of the leased property. In this way we offer reliable and proficient support to help you get your bond back. Rather than investing hours in attempting to clean the property yourself, our professional Brisbane bond cleaners will make it sparkling as they are well-equipped with the best cleaning equipments.

    Getting ready for new tenants? In case your already existing tenants are moving out, or you’re a property manager who needs to make a property prepared, we offer the required assistance. Our effective bond cleaning services cover the whole property, guaranteeing the perfection for the new tenant’s arrival. This cleaning includes everything your property needs like the comprehensive cleaning of the floor coverings to descaling taps in the washroom, verifying if the property is in the best condition or it can be. We offer an extensive clean of the kitchen, including the cleaning of oven in and out and other essential areas. If necessary our expert cleaners can even customize the cleaning plan for you as per the requirements.

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    Oven & BBQ Cleaning

    Oven and BBQ cleaning is one of the most exceedingly awful tasks around the house and can take hours to do. Along these lines, Bond Cleaning in Brisbane is putting forth their oven cleaning support to clients, so they don’t need to get troubled with the unwanted hassles.

    Eco-friendly and safe cleaning! We’ll clean all the grime from within your oven or bbq, leaving it shimmering once again. We utilize harmless cleaning substances so that your stove is cleaned in a smoke-free, protected and hygienic way, and you don’t have to stress over where your nourishment is being cooked thereafter. All oil, fat and blazed on carbon will be expelled from your oven, making it looking great once more.

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    Office Cleaning Brisbane

    Our office cleaners clean workplaces and commercial spaces, making the space clean and tidy. Various offices, warehouses and factories are enjoying the highly cost-effective cleaning services under our supervision.

    One of our teams will visit the property and perform a thorough assessment, judging on how clean the property is, how enormous the space is and what precisely is the customer’s need. A quote will then be provided which both our customers and we are satisfied with.

    You decide how often we visit! In case, you need a consistent cleaning service, we can tailor what we do with what you require. Most other office and commercial cleaning companies just include tidying, wiping and vacuuming around the workplace, keeping terrible allergens away. Be that as it may, in case you’re opening your business, interestingly, you truly need to awe a customer, are holding an occasion there or you simply think the spot needs a decent clean, we can appoint our team to direct a more extensive clean, making your business sparkle.

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    Spring Cleaning

    Our most thorough cleaning service! Bond Cleaning in Brisbane is pleased to offer their thorough Spring Cleaning support to their clients lasting through the year, regardless of what the climate brings. Our Spring Cleaning Service is an exhaustive vacuuming of your home, top to bottom – ideal for before gatherings, if the family is coming to visit or in the event that you simply feel the need to give your home some affection. Our dedicated and proficient cleaning specialists visit your home and make it sparkle like new. This is the most comprehensive of our services, offering a full upgrade of your home at very affordable prices.


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  • Awesome job done with the bond clean, they were able to arrange pest control and carpet cleaned as well. Everything was done perfectly and the cleaners arrived on time as well. Great service, highly recommended!

    Matt Seao -
  • I had a clean done to get my bond back by Bond Cleaning Brisbane. I booked it online so wasn’t sure what I would get. A guy called Raul turned up. He got stuck into the work and did a brilliant job. He was there for 8 hours and was sensational. I recommend the whole company.

    Kareena Smith-Ogilvy -
  • I don’t usually write about service that I get but this is an exception. Maria did a bond clean at my rental home in Tingalpa last week. She was on time, really friendly and polite and the job done was excellent. I got every dollar of my bond back. I would recommend Bond Cleaning Brisbane to everyone.

    Jim Renshaw -

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