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How To Get 100% Bond Back In Brisbane At End Of Tenancy

How To Get 100% Bond Back In Brisbane At End Of Tenancy
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jun 28 2021
It is no secret that relocation is a very stressful process, but the thought of losing your security deposit can further elevate your stress level. To get your bond money back, it is crucial to clean the rental accommodation in the best possible manner and impress your property owner/manager.

However, the problem is when you are occupied with tasks such as packing and utility transfer, property cleaning often takes the back seat. Always remember if you fail to clean the property appropriately, your landlord will deduct money from the deposit amount. So, make sure that you appropriately clean the rental living space before you hand over the keys.

To avoid the unnecessary stress and hassle of dusting the property, the majority of the tenants hire professionals who offer thorough bond cleaning in Brisbane. They make every possible effort to clean the property and help you get a refund of your bond money. If you have decided to perform the cleaning yourself, then you need some guidance that can help you to carry out the task perfectly.

Read on to know how to get 100% bond back in Brisbane at the end of the tenancy.

Hire a Reputed Cleaning Company

A professional bond cleaning company saves your time and hassle by dusting the rental property. However, the most significant advantage of hiring the experts is that you get 100% bond back. They use their skills, knowledge, and training to ensure that every nook and corner of the property looks sparkling clean.

The professional cleaners have experience in dusting and vacuuming different types and sizes of properties. So they know about the challenges that a person can face while cleaning the property and aware of their solutions. Moreover, they have a good understanding of how property owners inspect a property, so they clean it accordingly.

Professional cleaners use high-tech machines like steam cleaners and follow a standard checklist to ensure that rental living space looks immaculate. No matter how much time you spend or the efforts you make, it is not possible to match the level of the professionals.

So, if you don’t want to take chances with your security deposit, contact seasoned professionals who offer the best bond cleaning in Brisbane.

Cleaning Tips to Get Your Bond Back

If you are moving on a tight budget and planning to clean the property yourself, you need to follow some particular ways. Here are some very useful tips that will help you to carry out the dusting task perfectly and get your bond money back.

Read the Entry Condition Report

If you want to clean the rental property appropriately, it is advisable to read the entry condition report properly before you start the cleaning. The report will give you a clear idea about the areas you need to clean before moving out. In other words, you need to make sure that the condition of the property is as good as it was when you moved in. It will help you to get the bond money back.

Follow a Checklist

When you clean your rental accommodation, you need to make sure that you do not overlook even a single spot. And the only way to do that is by following a checklist. From kitchen and bathroom to living room and bedroom, all the spots should be mentioned in the list.

You can prepare the list on your own or directly get it from the website of a cleaning company. Even professionals cleaners also follow a standard checklist when they clean a property.

Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen

When it comes to dusting and scrubbing the property, the kitchen area consumes your maximum time. From countertop and stovetop to drawers, appliances, sinks and faucets, different cooking areas require different methods and products. Always remember that the property owner thoroughly checks the cooking area, so clean every corner perfectly.

Remove Dirt and Bad Odour from Bathroom

Tenants ignore the cleaning of the bathroom until the lease period is over. And then it becomes challenging to clean the bathroom. Thus, it is advisable to clean it from time to time by following super easy DIY bathroom cleaning tips. If you pay attention to your bathroom during the lease period, cleaning it at the end of tenancy will be a breeze.

Clean the Hard-To-Reach Areas

Tenants usually clean the areas in the property that easily visible and accessible and overlook the hard-to-reach areas. It is a mistake that you should avoid at any cost. If you want to get your entire bond back, focus on hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling corners, fan blades, light fixtures, behind the refrigerator and so on. The landlords also observe these spots during the inspection.

See Things from the Owners Perspective

If you want to impress the property owner, you need to see things from the perspective of your landlord. Ask yourself how will you inspect your property? You will look for areas that will be expensive to clean, repair and replace. Such spots include the light fittings, oven, windows, walls, carpets and so on. So make sure all these spots get a thorough cleaning and look spotless.

Clean the Walls

A neat and clean wall can single-handedly elevate the overall cleanliness of the entire room. So, make sure that the wall of all the rooms looks perfect. Do not forget that walls are the first thing that landlords notice as they enter the property. If you have kids, there will be crayon marks, handprints, food stains on the walls. Try your best to eliminate the marks, but if it is too dirty to clean, paint your walls to give the property and brand new look.

Pay Special Attention to the Carpets

The cleanliness of the carpets plays a pivotal role in the refund of the bond money. So make sure that the carpets look perfectly clean. One of the best ways to ensure that is by vacuuming the carpets only a day before the final inspection.

Vacuuming and washing carpets can be very stressful, particularly when your bond money is at stake. One of the best ways to reduce stress is by opting for a professional carpet cleaning service.

The Bottom Line

The refund of the bond money depends on cleaning the rental property, so make sure it is your topmost priority when you are moving out. The best ways to get 100% bond back is by hiring the best bond cleaners in Brisbane. They will perform the task perfectly, so you can clear the final inspection of the property owner. Professional cleaners also save your time and let you focus on other vital aspects of relocation.