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How To Remove Stains From Wall Without Removing The Paint

How To Remove Stains From Wall Without Removing The Paint
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jun 30 2021
Walls are the first thing that is noticed while entering a house. However, if they are laden with dirt, smudges, and marks, you may not be able to make the right impression on guests and visitors. Also, with an increased emphasis on hygienic living in the current times, it is necessary to pay attention to this significant part of your home that often gets neglected.

However, when you have kids and pets in the house, it can be challenging to keep the crayon marks, dirty finger marks, and paw prints from appearing on the walls. Most people use chemical sprays and harsh detergents to clean the dirt and smudges, but these do more harm than good.

The commercial cleaners either leave an ugly patch on the surface or damage the paint. Professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane use organic cleaning solutions for this purpose,which do not deface the walls. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid commercial cleaners and use the tips mentioned below to keep your wall paint intact and clean.

Understand the Paint Texture Before Cleaning

Do not go by the ‘one size fits all’ strategy and use the same cleaning methods for every type of wall paint. Identify the type of paint used on the walls of your rented property or house. Usually, the paint is oil-based, latex or the one with aglossy or flat finish.

Also, do not forget to conduct a spot test that requires cleaning a small inconspicuous portion of the wall to test the cleaning solution. If it does not damage the paint, you can go ahead and use it on the entire length and breadth of the wall.

Cleaning Satin or Eggshell Paint Finish

Flat paints can come off easily on being scrubbed or cleaned with harsh chemicals. Thus, you need to be careful while doing the job. Make a general-purpose cleaner at home by mixing half a bucket of warm water with few drops of dish detergent. You can also add 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar to a gallon of water.

Dip a sponge in the solution and wring it thoroughly to remove all the excess water and use the damp sponge to clean the wall gently. It will remove all the dirt from the flat finish wall paint. Do not scrub vigorously, or you will damage the paint.Also,keep the wet sponge away from the light switches to avoid any mishaps.

Cleaning Glossy Paint Finish

Whether it is a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, you must remember that it can get scratched easily. So, use a soft sponge or towel to clean the wall. Make a cleaning solution by mixing a bucket full of warm water with 2-3 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda to get rid of the stubborn stains. Use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge to clean the wall.

Textured walls can be cleaned using the same procedure. If it is the kitchen wall, it will be greasy due to the oil stains and splashes. For greasy walls, you can use a mild dish soap and water solution for cleaning. Most end of lease cleaners in Brisbane rely on this method to remove the oily stains.

Cleaning Oil-based Paint

Follow the same procedure as glossy walls to get rid of the dirt from oil-based paint. If there are crayon or pencil marks on the walls, you can use baby wipes to remove them. If you do not have wipes handy, takea wet cloth and dab it in baking soda and wipe the walls with it. For pencil marks, you can use a simple rubber eraser as they can be removed without much fuss.

However, if the graphite lead marks create a smudge on the wall, use a mild soapy solution to get rid of the smear. However, do not go overboard with your cleaning routine and scrub it too hard or use a hard scrubber on the wall. If the dirt is filled in the textured wall, you can add 2 tablespoons of borax in 2 cups of water to remove the dust stuck in the folds.

Cleaning Exterior Walls

Exterior walls can become extremely dirty due to dust and weather conditions. They need to be cleaned thoroughly and must follow a step-by-step process. First, use a garden hose to wash the walls to remove loose dirt. The next step is to add some mild detergent in a bucket of water and 1 cup of bleach to create a cleaning solution.

Professional end of lease cleaning companies in Brisbane follow the same procedure. Use a pump garden sprayer to spray the wall with the solution and let it stay on the surface for 10-15 minutes. Take a soft scrubber to clean the walls to remove the mould and mildew and stubborn dirt. The last step is to clean the wall once again with water using a garden hose.

Spot Cleaning Stains

The best way to get rid of stains is to work on them immediately. Create a thick paste of baking soda and water and rub it gently on the stain. Use a damp cloth to wipe the paste and let it dry. If it is a greasy or oily stain on the kitchen wall, use a soapy solution to clean it.


Neat and tidy walls are a pre-requite for hygienic and healthy living. Use the tips mentioned above to get rid of all types of stains and marks from different wall paints. If you think it is too tedious or strenuous, you can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane for the best cleaning service.