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East Brisbane A Family-Friendly Suburb


Home to the best schools, hospitals, top-class restaurants, and cafes, East Brisbane is considered as one of the most vibrant suburbs in Brisbane. With a total population of 5,934 people in 2016, the town has become one of the preferred options among families with kids. It has a unique mix of old houses and modern apartments with a busy commercial hub. Finding a rental property in the hotspots of East Brisbane is easy as compared to other inner suburbs. The median rent for 2-bedroom house is $470 per week- which is quite affordable.

You can move into a rental property after signing the lease agreement. Make sure you read all the roles and responsibilities because many tenants lose their bond money due to lack of cleaning. We, at Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, offer the best service at the most reasonable price. If you are moving out of a rental home or office, give us a call and get the best quality of cleaning with a bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply).

Our Unmatched Bond Cleaning in East Brisbane Within Your Budget!

We have helped thousands of people get their bond back by offering a thorough, reliable and quality end of lease cleaning in Brisbane and all its suburbs.

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Cleaning that Exceeds Expectations
Our bond cleaners in Brisbane are committed to offering tailor-made solutions according to your convenience. Our flexible scheduling makes it easy for you to plan a property inspection day without any stress.
Helps Your Retrieve Bond Money
Seasoned professionals at our company have been sprucing up rental properties with a bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply). We also offer a free re-clean service within 5 days if your landlord is not satisfied because we are the leading bond cleaners in Brisbane.
Safe Methods
We strive on improving existing cleaning methods by incorporating the latest tools and gadgets for treating tough stains, grime and grease. Our cleaners begin the process from the top and make their way down to clean up each room of the rental premises. Our procedures are reliable, result-driven and efficient.
Quality Assurance
No other company can beat us when it comes to quality bond cleaning in Brisbane. Our team of trained and experienced cleaners pay attention to important spots and hard-to-reach areas using the REIQ-approved checklist to maintain the highest cleaning standard. We can go beyond your expectations for your peace of mind.
Affordable Service
Our bond cleaning prices do not take a toll on your pocket. We provide with an upfront quote after evaluating the size and condition of the property. We do not have fixed or hidden costs because we believe in transparent pricing policy. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote today.
Biodegradable Products
We never use cleaning products that are laden with chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Natural cleaners, such as white vinegar, mild dishwashing liquid, lemon, Castile soap, hydrogen peroxide are used for thorough cleaning. We do not cause any harm to the environment and well being of our customers.
Cleaning Rental Homes and Offices in East Brisbane With Perfection! Contact us Now!
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Professional  Cleaning Service

Our Proven Procedures For Desired Results

Our bond cleaning service is popular all around Brisbane because we do it in an organised manner. A team of 2-3 cleaners will come to your place at the booked time. They bring all the required tools and products for quick and efficient results. The cleaning process starts from the top of a room and make their way to the bottom to cover every corner of the premises. Our cleaners pay attention to the cupboards, drawers, ceiling fans, walls, light fixtures, kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, showerhead, windows, and other important areas. Even kitchen appliances such as ovens and microwaves are thoroughly cleaned using eco-friendly products. We take care of every single aspect to help you pass the rental inspection with ease.

We go to the extent of offering a free re-clean service if the landlord or property manager is not happy with our service. We never give a chance of complaints, and that’s our forte. For more details on our bond cleaning, then give us a call today and get an instant quote.

Our Quality Work is Our Recognition

We have performed thorough cleaning chores and have helped various commercial as well as domestic properties. Our in-depth cleaning and robust customer support made us what we are today. We take immense pride in being one of the trusted names for offering the best end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.


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