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Meticulous Bond Cleaning in Brisbane

Bond Cleaning in Brisbane is the most trusted company, offering a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions in Brisbane. QLD. Our expertise is in cleaning rental properties, homes, offices, oven and BBQ, and carpets using safe and sound products. Feel free to call us and book our cleaning service in the city and its suburbs at the best price.


We will beat any written quote!

The end of tenancy period can quickly turn into an agonising experience if you do not hire reliable and professional bond cleaning company in Brisbane. It can leave you devastated if all the backbreaking scrubbing does not help in getting the bond back. Thus you must opt us for professional Bond Cleaning Brisbane as we are highly regarded for outstanding cleaning with a Bond Back Guarantee ( T’s & C’s Apply) and a FREE RE-CLEAN in 72 Hrs in case of any issue with cleaning or getting your 100% Bond Back.

Our teams are locally available and cover all the suburbs along with the city. Bond Cleaning in Brisbane follows a customer-centric approach and tailors the process according to the needs of the clients. We make sure your leased property looks sparkling clean so that your property manager and landlord are satisfied by the condition of house or office. To avail our service, give us a call and get a no-obligation quote instantly.

End-to-End Bond Cleaning Solutions Within Your Budget!

We cover every nook and cranny of your property to provide you with a spotless space in the promised time.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane With Bond Back Guarantee ( T's & C's Apply)

Bond cleaning is a troublesome and arduous chore which is best performed by professional cleaning company, and this is the reason why the people of Brisbane trust us. Here is how we get the results that help in bringing the bond back:
  • Trained and Experienced

    - Our bond cleaners are skilled in cleaning all the surfaces and making them spotless and germ-free. They are experts in cleaning all types of rental property while following the REIQ guidelines.
  • Insured and Screened

    - We, at Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, have a team of fully insured and police-verified cleaners which can be trusted without a second thought. You can hand over the property to them and relax until it gets cleaned.
  • Green Cleaning

    - We are aware of the pollution created by chemical-laden products which affect our environment, and thus, use only non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. We emphasise on minimum wastage of water and electricity during bond cleaning Brisbane.
  • Advanced Tools

    - Our bond cleaners Brisbane are equipped with sophisticated supplies and machines that allow perfect cleaning of every area and room in the house or building. Our methods have evolved over the years and have become more efficient.
  • Flexible Booking

    - Tenants are under a lot of pressure when they are moving out of the house as they have to pack up everything and then restore it at the new place. We try to ease their burden by offering a cleaning slot of their choice that is convenient and comfortable.
  • Quick Service

    - Our cleaners are quick to respond and reach your property at the specified time without any delay. They do not while away their time in chatting and taking unnecessary breaks and complete the job quickly.
  • Quality Work

    - Our professionals are dedicated to their tasks and are committed to offering a well managed bond cleaning Brisbane of your rental property which satisfies the clients and the property managers. We offer a 100% Bond Back Guarantee ( T's & C's apply) on our work.
  • Tension-Free Minds

    - With our cleaners on your leased property, you can stay worry-free as they work to the best of their ability and cover every nook and cranny efficiently to help you in getting your bond back
  • Smart Support

    - Our support staff is always available to help you out of challenging situations and clear your doubts. We follow a transparent approach and keep the channel of communication open at all times.
  • Affordable

    - We provide a customised quote upfront after discussing your requirements and do not add any service charges later. Our cost-effective pricing makes us a favoured choice among the people of Brisbane.


We offer a wide range of cleaning services that bring order to the chaotic bond cleaning Brisbane and spring cleaning chores.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Our cleaning standards are higher than our competitors and we provide a Bond Back Guarantee (T's & C's apply) with all our bond cleans. We have a team of trained and verified local bond cleaners, who ensure that you get a safe & stress-free cleaning service. We are highly trusted across Brisbane for providing safe and convenient cleaning.

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Oven & BBQ Cleaning Brisbane

We have a team of highly trained oven & BBQ cleaners who make sure that your oven is disinfected using non-toxic products.We remove all the built-up grease, grime and stubborn food residue and leave it shiny and ready to use. Our professional cleaners provide you with an eco-friendly oven & BBQ cleaning service at a reasonable price.

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Office Cleaning Brisbane

A neat and tidy work environment is vital for every business. A disorganised and messy environment can harm your organisation’s reputation and productivity. That is why we offer a thorough and reliable office cleaning service using the REIQ approved cleaning checklist. We use the latest equipment to target the hard to reach areas of your commercial space. Call us now to get a free quote for your office cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpets can lose their shine and lustre due to the build-up of dirt, hair and food particles. Our carpet cleaning in Brisbane helpsthe removal of bacteria, allergens and dust mites from all floor coverings like carpets and rugs. Our professionally trained carpet cleaners understand the importance of clean and sanitised carpets, and thus, provide deodorising service. Our innovative techniques make your carpets dirt-free, fresh and clean.

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Spring Cleaning Brisbane

Beautiful homes need careful cleaning and that is why most people rely on our cleaners to spruce up their living spaces. Our cleaners can quickly get rid of the mess, dust, and dirt inside your property. Since disinfection has become a necessity in today’s times, we provide the best sanitisation with our biodegradable products. We clean up the dirtiest areas of your house to give you a safe and hygienic environment. From window cleaning to air conditioner filters, we clean everything until your house looks like new again.

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House Cleaning Brisbane

We strive to provide the best house cleaning in Brisbane. Our professionally trained & verified House Cleaners team clean your house from top to bottom with precision using non-toxic products.

Call us @ 07 5613 2397 and get a tailored quote for bond cleaning Brisbane.

We Provide the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning And Disinfection!

Affordable Bond Cleaning Brisbane By Expert Bond Cleaners Brisbane

Hiring bond cleaners increases the chances of getting the bond back as the professionals are well-versed in cleaning techniques and are well-trained in our effective methodologies. Take a look at our advantages.
  1. Serving the City With Dedication

    - Our cleaners have been servicing the city of Brisbane for a long time and know all its adjoining areas. We are ready to serve all the suburbs, including Kangaroo Point, New Farm, Nundah, St Lucia, Paddington, Morningside, etc.
  2. Working The Sustainable Way

    - The ill-effects of global warming and climate change have been witnessed by one and all in the past few years. It is high time that we mend our ways and work towards a better future. Bond Cleaning in Brisbane takes pride in being a green cleaning company.
  3. Prioritising Your Safety Is Our Duty

    - Many families are concerned about strangers entering their property and the well-being of their loved ones and the safety of their possessions. With Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, you can put all these doubts to rest as all our cleaners are trained professionals.
  4. Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

    - Our bond cleaning service in Brisbane covers a variety of cleaning services for the convenience of our clients. It is not easy to clean up an entire property on your own, and that is why you need us.
  5. Innovative Cleaning Techniques and Tools

    - To make sure that we are putting our best foot forward, we have developed exclusive cleaning methods which allow us to exceed your expectations. Our cleaners carry a plethora of sophisticated tools to bring out the best in each and every property.
  6. We Always Follow The Industry Standards

    - We create a customised cleaning service package at an affordable price for all our customers and inform them about the final quote in the first meeting. We are committed to following all the industry benchmarks for a thorough clean-up.


Bond Cleaning in Brisbane is an experienced cleaning company offering the best deep-cleaning and disinfection services across the city and its suburbs.



With our focus on delivering high-quality and satisfactory results, we provide the best cleaning service in Brisbane. Our streamlined process makes it a smooth ride.


Give us a Call

Call us @ 07 5613 2397 to book a cleaning job. We confirm the date and slot you need and provide an upfront quote.


Start the Cleaning Process

Our professional cleaners come to your place and spruce up your property according to the tailored cleaning checklist.


Give your Feedback

Your feedback matters the most. We are ready to send our cleaners back for a re-clean within three days if you are not satisfied with our service.


Happy Clients


Service Guarantee


Cleaning Experts


Bond Cleans Completed


If you have any query or questions related to our cleaning services, take a look at the following FAQ section:

The cost of bond cleaning depends completely on the size of the property. For a one-bedroom and one-bathroom house, the average price is $250 that includes up to 6 hours of labour. Similarly, the bond cleaning charges for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom house are $400 that includes up to 10 hours of labour.
Booking your bond cleaning service is super-easy with our efficient and time-saving process. Here is what you need to do:
  • You can either request for the quote online via our web form or call us directly on 07 5613 2397 to book your bond cleaners in Brisbane. Our customer care executives are available Monday to Saturday 7:30 am to 9 pm. We reply to the web form requests within 24 hours.
  • Our support team understands your requirements, the size of the property, and its condition to come up with an upfront quote.
  • We do not add any extra costs to the quote and provide you with the final price on the call.
  • You can compare our price with others before finalising since we provide an obligation-free quote to all our customers.
  • The best part is that you don’t have to wait for long to get a confirmation. We book the cleaning date on the call itself if you are satisfied with the pricing.
  • Our flexible booking schedule allows you to choose the date according to your convenience, and it can all be settled over one phone call.
  • Our warm and friendly support team makes the booking process a cakewalk for the customers.
Whether you plan to stay or leave is completely your choice. However, it is recommended that you do not disturb the cleaners while they are doing their job. They carry the customised checklist, so there is no chance of missing your instructions at any point. Also, they follow the industry standards approved by the REIQ and cover every part of the house or office with complete dedication.Our bond cleaners in Brisbane will give you a call half an hour before they are about to finish so that you can come and examine the property. If your property manager is not satisfied with the cleaning, we can also arrange for a re-clean within the next 5 days without any extra costs. However, we make sure that our cleaning never disappoints and such situation does not arise. Another important thing to consider is that you should not let any family members or outsiders into the property after cleaning as they can bring dust with their shoes and touch surfaces with their dirty hands. So make sure that the property stays untouched until the final inspection by the landlord or the property manager. You must only enter to examine yourself and avoid getting anything dirty again
Yes, we do require basic necessities, such as warm water and electricity to complete the cleaning. Here is why we need them.
  • Hot water helps in removing the grease and grime as we prepare soapy solutions for cleaning various surfaces and kitchenware like trays and racks of the oven and BBQ.
  • Water is also needed for wiping the surfaces and mopping the floors and tiles as well as cleaning the washcloths used for removing the dirt and dust.
  • Additionally, we need electricity to plug in the vacuum cleaners for removing all the dust and cleaning the carpets effectively. Electricity will also help us to find dust easily in the corners.
  • However, if you have already disconnected the utilities, then we will have to arrange for generators and water supply on our own. It will add to the cost of bond cleaning in Brisbane.
  • Therefore it is recommended to keep the utilities connected for the cleaning. If you plan to stop the supply before cleaning, then you must inform us about the same in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion.
  • We do not waste water or electricity unnecessarily. Our cleaning equipment is energy-efficient and consumes minimal water.
Yes, our innovative processes have been designed to disinfect every surface during cleaning. We use eco-friendly cleaning supplies to sanitise the bathrooms and the kitchens to provide you with a hygienic space at the end of the clean-up. We have a range of our own organic products which are helpful in brightening up every part of the household. We also use warm soapy water to take care of the cleaning chores so that we do not spread any toxic waste on your property which can affect the environment. With Bond Cleaning in Brisbane as your cleaning partner, you need not worry about any germs or bacteria. We understand that there is an increased emphasis on disinfection in the recent times and we take every possible measure to ensure that no harmful allergens or bacteria are lurking in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Our hygienic sanitisation methods are on par with the industry best practices and do not leave any fumes or residue that contaminates the water bodies or the surrounding atmosphere.
Yes, leaving your property vacant is the first thing to do when booking end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. It is essential for ensuring a through clean-up. Here is why it is necessary:
  • We will not be able to perform a deep clean if you don't remove your furniture from the property as our cleaners will find it challenging to reach the spaces under the sofa and behind the refrigerator.
  • Therefore it is necessary to hire removalists before you book bond cleaners in Brisbane so that when our cleaners arrive at the property, they get a vacant place to clean.
  • You can leave behind the fixtures that are owned by the landlord, such as BBQs and air conditioners. We will clean them along with the carpets and windows.
  • If the heavy furniture is still present on the property, then our cleaners will not be able to cover every corner and it will affect the final result.
  • You must make sure that all the cupboards, shelves in the bathrooms, cabinets in the kitchen should be emptied before we take over the property.
  • A lot of dust bunnies and dirt build-up is waiting behind the electronics, blinds, furniture and other hard-to-reach spaces. A vacant property ensures that every corner is covered efficiently.
We take care of all your cleaning needs with our full-service approach. Bond Cleaning Brisbane offers a wide range of services, including spring cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven and BBQ cleaning and bond cleaning. Just give us a call to get a free quote today. Our cleaners are fully insured and verified by the police. We have been operating in the city and its adjoining areas for years and are highly recommended by real estate agents and tenants. Our extensive services are affordably priced and match your budget perfectly. You can customise the clean-up to include your specific needs and enjoy a carefree day while we do the job. Our cleaning checklist has been prepared in adherence with the REIQ approved checklist and helps in pleasing the landlords and property managers instantly. Our professionals are fully committed to offering a streamlined clean-up which does not disrupt your work or living space. We make sure that all the surfaces are cleaned in an eco-friendly manner. We take special care during the spring cleaning service to make the house disinfected and hygienic without using any toxic substances that can prove harmful for the living conditions. Similarly, we use natural cleaning supplies to spruce up the ovens and BBQs.
Usually, we don't, but if you want us to contact them then we can be present on the day of the inspection. However, we will charge a nominal fee for the same.
  • You must make sure that the inspection should not be spaced too many days away from the cleaning as the property can become dirty again. The gap should not exceed more than two days.
  • Dust can get settled even in one day if the property is near a construction site or is close to a busy highway. So pay attention to the spacing.
  • Also, do not let the kids and pets enter the property after cleaning as they can touch the several surfaces and pet hair can make the surroundings and carpets unclean.
  • Our professionals will be happy to assist you during the inspection and answer any queries related to the cleaning and the supplies used to achieve the results.
  • If you want us to directly speak to the property manager, then we can do that as well.
  • Our mission is to get your bond back without getting into any disputes so we do our best to make them satisfied and happy at the end of the examination.
  • If by any chance, they are not happy, then we provide a free re-clean within the next five days.
Cleaning checklist is the backbone of an end-to-end bond cleaning service. As a professional and responsible cleaning company in Brisbane, we do not take it for granted. Here are the rules that we follow:
  • At Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, we follow the REIQ approved cleaning checklist which helps us to maintain the industry standards.
  • We also make arrangements to customise it so it fulfils the specific needs and desires of the tenant or the landlord.
  • The checklist helps us to cover everything inside the property including the patio and the laundry in a systematic manner. Please note that we do not clean the garage.
  • You can take a look at the inclusion and exclusions part on this page to know about all the areas that we cover. We can adjust your special requests at an additional cost if they are not included in our list.
  • When you are moving out of a rented property, your property manager expects you to return the house in the same condition in which you received it. Thus we help you to achieve the target without breaking your bank.
  • We take care of every single aspect of bond cleaning to give you satisfactory results that help in getting the deposit back.
Bond Cleaning in Brisbane is a well-know cleaning company which has been servicing the entire city along with its surrounding regions for a long time. We provide our services throughout the prominent suburbs, including New Farm, Toowong, South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, Kangaroo Point, St Lucia, Coorparoo, Indooroopilly, Nundah, Paddington, Morningside and Annerley. We will be happy to get your property cleaned at the earliest as we are locally present and can reach you on time. If you are interested in making a booking, then simply apply for a quote online or give us a call on 07 5613 2397. Our local bond cleaners in Brisbane can be booked for a job according to your convenience. So you can choose the date and time as per your free time. Our polite and friendly professionals keep all your concerns in mind while performing the cleaning tasks and work in adherence to your instructions and the REIQ approved cleaning checklist. Our professionals are hired locally and are verified by the police before getting trained in our proven methods and techniques. Thus you can trust them without getting worried about the safety of your fixtures. We put in every effort to help you get your bond back.
Yes, at Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, we put the needs of our customers at the forefront. Our customisable cleaning procedures allow the tenants to get the house cleaned as per their requirements. For example, if you need to get only the kitchen and the carpets cleaned, we can do that for you. On the other hand, if you need the entire property cleaned with special emphasis on the carpets, we can offer pressure cleaning as an additional service to meet your needs. Other specialised services include oven and BBQ cleaning and spring cleaning. So, you can tailor the job as per your priority.
No, we offer bond cleaning on weekends and public holidays without any additional charges. We understand that not everyone can get the cleaning done on weekdays, and thus, provide the service on holidays too. However, we request you to make the booking in advance as most customers prefer to schedule the cleaning on weekends when they are free to supervise. If you cannot supervise, you can leave the keys with the neighbours or a safe place. We complete the task in the stipulated time and return the property in a sparkling condition for the final inspection. You can get the final quote for free by calling us today.


Worried about your bond money? We, at Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, take away the stress that grips tenants during the end of the tenancy. We know that real estate agents, property managers and landlords can become fussy during this period to hold back your deposit. Thus we make sure that we do not give them a chance to find a mistake.

Our cleaners follow the REIQ approved checklist which helps in getting your full bond back. We are specialists in house and office cleaning and offer the best end of lease cleaning Brisbane for every rented property. Our professionally trained experts clean every room with the same precision. They mop, scrub, wipe, disinfect and sanitise all the surfaces. They remove cobwebs, clean hard-to-reach areas, ceiling fans and exhaust fans. They clean all the washable surfaces, oven, range hood and cook top, and spot clean the marks on the walls. They are trustworthy, respectful and hardworking and go the extra mile to honor the 100% Bond Back Guarantee (Ts and Cs apply). In case there is any issue with cleaning, which rarely happens, we also provide Free Re-clean in 72 Hrs.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get a free, no-obligation quote today. As a limited time offer, we are offering 10% off to new clients.

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We offer the best bond cleaning service in and around Brisbane, Queensland to help you impress your landlord or property agent.

Why Are We Different

Our Bond Cleaning Brisbane Process

Our customer-driven approach is what makes our company one of the best bond cleaning service providers in Brisbane, Queensland.

Robust Customer Support

Our prompt customer service can be accessed through the phone or by submission of the web forms. If you have a query or suggestion, feel free to call us. We will be happy to assist you.


Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

We, at Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, take immense pride in offering a complete range of cleaning solutions, including bond cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning and oven & BBQ cleaning for both residential and office properties.


Our Professional Cleaners

Our in-house end of lease cleaners are insured, well-trained and police verified. They can reach every nook and corner of the property to give a complete cleaning guarantee without a hint of stress.


Want to spruce up your property? Have a look at this section and learn the effective ways of organising, cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting houses and offices.

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