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Know Your Rights And Duties As A Tenant In Brisbane

Know Your Rights And Duties As A Tenant In Brisbane
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Aug 24 2021
From alluring parklands to the modern-age residential structures, the capital city of Queensland has everything. Being one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia in terms of population and employment, the demand for rental properties has increased in Brisbane.

However, people are finding a tough competition when it comes to securing a rental property in the capital city. If you are lucky enough to get a rental home, then you should know the rights and duties as a tenant.

The Residential Rental Laws in Queensland are designed to minimise the rental disputes between the landlord and tenants. So, it is good to read the lease agreement before signing it and pay attention to the bond back claim.

According to the law, you have to return the property in its original state in order to pass the rental inspection at the end of your tenancy. That’s the reason why renters prefer hiring professionals for an end-to-end bond cleaning in Brisbane.

Below is the list of rights and duties that you have to follow as a tenant.

Let’s Get Started

The Renting Laws in Queensland

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is committed to providing targeted solutions to meet the requirements of Queensland’s residential rental sector.

The RTA ensures that renting is fair from both sides, i.e- landlords/property managers and tenants/renters. The main functions of RTA are:

Know the Tenant’s Rights

Rights and duties of a tenant in Brisbane are set out in the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. It is important to ensure that:

  • There are no legal barriers while occupying the rental property.
  • The property is in a tip-top condition or meets the standard of living.
  • The property and inclusions are properly clean at the beginning of the tenancy
  • You have the right to inspect the entire premises properly to look for repairs and damages. Do not forget to fill the property condition report if something is broken or damaged.
  • You can determine whether the premises comply with all the necessary health and safety measures or not.
  • You have the right to make minor changes to the property.

Know Your Duties as a Tenant

The following are the duties you are obligated to perform under the RTRA Act.

  • Make sure you complete the entry condition report provided by your landlord or property manager. Inspect the property thoroughly and fill the report.
  • It is important to pay the rent on time and in the specified manner according to your lease agreement. Avoid delays or outstanding payments as this could lead to the reduction of your bond money.
  • Do not forget to report any property damage to the landlord. Whether it is a broken window or a leaky faucet, you should inform your landlord as soon as possible.
  • You are not allowed to use the rental premises for any illegal activity.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene factor of the premises. Deep clean your rental house on a regular basis to keep the dirt, dust and grime at bay.
  • Make sure you maintain a peaceful environment
  • Not to damage the property or allow anyone else to do the same.

It is your responsibility to follow all these duties and avoid rental disputes throughout your lease. In case, you are at the end of your tenancy, then pay attention to the following duties:

  • It is important to leave the property in the same condition as you received it at the start of your tenancy.
  • Fix the repairs if something is damaged during your lease period.
  • Remove all your personal belongings, such as furniture, closets, beds, etc.
  • Prepare and complete an exit condition report and offer a copy to your landlord.
  • Hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane for a thorough cleaning of the premises. They will spruce up the property according to the REIQ-approved checklist. This includes all rooms, including a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, patio area, etc. You should know the key benefits of hiring bond cleaning services in Brisbane to get the most out of it.
  • Clear all outstanding bills and rents
  • Return the keys
  • Give notice prior as mentioned in the lease agreement.

Make sure you don’t break the lease if you want to get your full bond money back without any dispute.


Living in a rental property is all about knowing your roles and responsibilities so that you can get the full rental bond back with ease. It is good t to hire experienced people for a reliable bond cleaning in Brisbane and impress your landlord or property managers.