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9 Basic Tips For Home And Apartment Cleaning

9 Basic Tips For Home And Apartment Cleaning
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Apr 15 2021
Maintaining general household hygiene is crucial to live a stress-free and healthy life. But for a tenant, keeping his/her rental home or apartment sanitary is necessary to live responsibly and, at the end of the tenancy, return the real estate in a reasonably clean condition to get a full bond refund.

The bond amount can be up to four weeks of rent if the weekly is $700 or less, and there is no maximum sum when the rent is higher than $700 per week.

Although most people hire professional Bond cleaners in Brisbane to deep clean the property after moving out, keeping the premises hygienic during the tenancy ensures it is not heavily soiled.

Here is your complete guide outlining nine basic tips for home and apartment cleaning if you are a tenant! These tips are helpful even if you are a homeowner and want to clean effectively and efficiently.

1. Clean the House as a Unit

Most people focus on cleaning one room then moving on to another, restarting cleaning tasks anew each time, and this method takes more time and energy.

If you wish to sanitise your home or apartment like the professional Bond cleaners in Brisbane, then clean your house as a unit and perform each task in the entire property before moving on to another. For example, if you are dusting or vacuuming, perform the task in every room before doing anything else.

2. Move Top to Bottom and Right to Left

To clean any area effectively and efficiently, you need to employ the proper techniques to save your time and energy. Make sure you always start from the top, making your way downwards as it prevents recontamination of cleaned spots. Furthermore, while cleaning a room, always move in a circular pattern from right to left to keep track of areas you have cleaned or need to clean.

3. Vacuum Carpets in a W Pattern

Carpets accumulate dust, dirt, and debris fast, and these contaminants embed deeply into the fibres if you don't vacuum properly. Therefore always make a 'W' pattern while vacuuming to dislodge the pollutants and ensure the machine picks them. Here is how you should do it.

  • Divide your carpet into four quadrants which is a professional technique Bond cleaners in Brisbane use to clean carpets quickly.
  • Vacuum each quadrant by pushing the vacuum cleaner in a straight line first, then tilting it slightly (45 degrees) and pulling it. Repeat the pushing and pulling motions, ensuring you glide the vacuum slowly and deliberately.

4. Declutter and Organise Regularly

Sorting your property contents is beneficial because you have less clutter, and the house looks tidier. Decluttering is simple as you only need to remove trash daily and discard things you haven't used for six months. Besides decluttering, organise your home by placing every item parallel and perpendicular to the wall or other things.

5. Clean then Disinfect Surfaces

Whether you are sanitising countertops, slabs, hobs, sinks, or other surfaces in your home, always wash/clean them first and then disinfect. Cleaning removes the contaminants from areas, whereas disinfecting kills the illness-causing germs. Professional Bond cleaners in Brisbane follow these steps correctly to achieve excellent results, and you can too.

6. Degrease and Sanitise With Baking Soda Paste

Most commercial cleaners and degreasers contain harmful chemicals that affect your health and the environment. To naturally remove grime and oily stains, make a paste of baking soda, water, and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Apply the runny paste on any surface, letting it dwell for at least 5-10 minutes. Gently scrub with a sponge, then wash or remove the residue with water or microfiber cloths. You can sanitise almost any household surface using baking soda paste.

7. Regularly Clean Toilets, Sinks, and Bathtub

These fixtures are commonly and frequently used by household members, which is why they accumulate mineral stains, soap scum, and grime. Neglecting to regularly sanitise these fixtures can increase the risk of infections, damage their integrity, and cause a persistent foul odour in your home. Therefore, make sure you wash and disinfect them at least once a week.

8. Clean & Disinfect High Touch Areas Every Day

One of the best ways to curb the transfer of germs and keep indoor air quality is to clean and disinfect high touch areas every day. Using microfiber cloths and a safe disinfectant, you should sanitise switches, handles, knobs, doors, remote controls, phones, and other things in the house that are common points of contacts.

9. Sweep Then Mop

Don't mop before removing physical contaminants from the floors as the surfaces will not be sanitised adequately. By sweeping, you collect the dust, dirt, and debris that can shield the germs on floors when you mop. Even when you have to spot-clean floors, make sure you broom first as it will make it easier to remove the stains.

The Bottom Line

Having a clean home and apartment is beneficial for good indoor air quality, preserving the interiors' appearance, and keeping household members healthy. Thus, whether you are a homeowner or a tenant who needs to maintain his/her rental property, the tips shared above are useful. Employ them to make your home neat and tidy without any hassle or stress.

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