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10 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Change

10 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Change
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Apr 06 2021
Bad cleaning habits not only add hours to your cleaning time but also make all your efforts ineffective. Apart from setting cleaning routines and strategies for a thorough sprucing, make sure you avoid silly mistakes by ditching bad habits.

This becomes imperative if you are living in a rental property. As a tenant, you need to be extra careful and regularly maintain the property. In case you are at the end of your tenancy, then contact the best company for a detailed bond cleaning in Brisbane.

Since there is no room for cleaning mistakes, make sure you search for highly-trained professionals. They will take care of your specific cleaning needs and give you quality service at the best price.

If you want to maintain the entire look and feel of your home all day long, then change these 10 bad cleaning habits as soon as possible.

1. Using Chemically-Laden Cleaning Products

Store-bought cleaners can help you save time and energy. However, they contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the indoor air as well as the environment. Regular use of these products can also trigger various health hazards.

Ditch this habit by preparing homemade cleaning agents using white vinegar, lemons, baking soda, castile soap, hydrogen peroxide and much more. These products are not only environmentally safe but also work wonders when it comes to treating stubborn stains, grime, built-up grease, mould and mildew, bacteria and bad smell from almost all surfaces around a home.

2. Over-Use of Cleaning Agents

This is considered a bad cleaning habit because putting too much solvent could damage the surface.

So, never use products in excess, especially if you are cleaning polished wooden floors, natural stone surfaces and carpets. First, read the instructions before applying any product, even the natural cleaning agent.

3. Sprucing with Dirty Tools

There is no use of cleaning a floor using a stinky and dirty mop. Similarly, never wipe multiple surfaces with a single cloth. Every time use a clean microfiber cloth sprucing different surfaces to get rid of dust, dirt, grime and other stains.

Wash your kitchen sponges and rags in hot water because they contain bacteria and germs. Also, clean other tools, such as a mop, feather duster, vacuum cleaner, etc, to get the most out of them.

4. Letting Paper Clutter to Collect

Even if you are more into online baking and billing, there is still a ton of paper that tends to pile up in a home. Newspapers, school projects, papers and magazines have a tendency to create a mess around your home.

You need to break the bad habit of collecting paper clutter by designating a place in the entryway for all paper forms and periodicals. It is good to sort all the papers once a week and shred unnecessary ones.

5. Using One Disinfectant Wipe for an Entire Bathroom

Believe it or not! Disinfectant wipes have become part and parcel of our lives. Disposable wipes are brilliant for a quick wipe down of a contaminated surface, such as bathroom sink, bathtub, doorknobs, etc.

However, many people use the same wipe to disinfect the entire bathroom, including a toilet and faucets. This will only spread germs from one surface to another.

For better results, use multiple wipes and microfiber cloths to eliminate germs and bacteria from your bathroom. It is good to leave the disinfectant solution for at least 4 minutes before wiping.

6. Dusting Last When Sprucing

Many people dust the surfaces last while cleaning their homes. This is a bad habit because it only increases your workload. You have to clean the carpets and floors again if you remove dust from the upper surfaces like fans, windows and light switches after mopping the floor.

You should follow a streamlined manner for housekeeping chores. Professional bond cleaners in Brisbane follow a standard checklist and clean in a top-to-bottom manner to give the best possible outcomes. So, start the process by removing dust from ceiling fans and make your way down towards windows, doors, tables and floors.

7. Leaving Bed Messy

An unmade bed can make your entire bedroom look dirty and messy. Change this habit and make your bed each morning. It will take maximum 10 minutes. Make sure you change the bed sheet if it is dirty. A clutter-free bed helps in keeping the entire room organised.

8. Leaving Piles of Dirty Dishes in the Sink

If you are one of those who never washes dirty dishes at night, then change this habit. Piles of grimy dishes in the sink can harbour tons of germs and bacteria- which is not good for your family.

Instead, wash them before going to bed. Make this a habit and achieve the best possible result. You can also use a dishwasher and train everyone in your family so that they can wash if you are not at home.

9. Using Bleach as a Cleaning Product

Bleach has been one of the most common house cleaning products for years. Many people still use it as a stain or grease remover. However, the reality is quite different from the myth.

Bleach is an extremely harsh chemical that can cause damage around the home. It can fade out the surfaces, remove the polish from wooden surfaces and can do various other disasters. Instead, use white vinegar, baking soda and other natural cleaning agents.

10. Leaving the Chores for the Next Day

This is also counted as a bad cleaning habit, especially if you are living in a rental property. Never allow the cleaning chores to pile up. Keep sprucing up your residential property. Spend 20 minutes daily and get rid of dust, dirt, grime and stains.


These are 10 bad cleaning habits that need to be changed or ditched if you want to ensure a clean, shiny and organised living space. For the final rental inspection, hire professionals for an affordable bond cleaning in Brisbane and get the bond money back without any conflict.

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