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What Do Professional Use For Window Cleaning?

What Do Professional Use For Window Cleaning?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Apr 21 2021
Windows are among the first features of your home anyone notices, and their condition determines what impression they form. Homes with dirty windows look uninviting and make your guests assume your residence is unkempt.

Unclean windows are not only bad for your home's appearance but also for the indoor air quality. Ensuring these fixtures are neat and dust-free is essential for keeping household members healthy and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your house.

If you are a tenant, then window cleaning is crucial during and after your tenancy as you can lose your bond money for failing to keep these fixtures free of mould, dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

The most practical option to have clean windows when your rental agreement is over is to hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane, who will clean every part of the property. Alternately, you can get the following things used by professionals to wash/sanitise your windows regularly. Have a look.

High-Performance Vacuum Cleaner

Make regular window cleaning easy and fast with a high-performance vacuum cleaner that has various attachments like the crevice tool, brush head, etc. With a good vacuum cleaner, you can remove dust, dirt, and debris from the panes, tracks and frames.

Using this machine, you can sanitise your windows every week or anytime you have guests coming over. What's more, regular vacuuming helps keep windows sanitised and maintain their integrity.

Microfiber Cloths

Professional bond cleaners often use microfiber cloths because they are highly absorbent, durable, and anti-microbial. Microfiber cloths are excellent cleaners, whether used dry for dusting or wet for scrubbing or washing.

The asterisk design of the fibres enables them to trap dust particles, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants effectively and efficiently. Depending on your requirement, use the cloths for general sprucing or deep cleaning your windows.

Soap and Water

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to invest in expensive window cleaners riddled with chemicals. Often professionals use mild detergent and warm water to wash windows and make them sparkle.

To sanitise your windows, you can use dishwashing liquid, warm water and a soft sponge to clean the panes, handles, frames and tracks. While cleaning, make sure you move top to bottom to prevent recontamination of cleaned areas. Plus, always remove excess water using a microfiber cloth and let the fixtures air dry.

Magic Erasers

Sometimes windows, especially the outdoor ones, get stubborn stains and marks due to environmental exposure. These spots need to be removed regularly or your windows can become heavily soiled. Therefore, you should keep magic erasers made with melamine foam handy to spot-clean windows as per requirement.

Note: Since magic erasers are abrasive, before using the erasers, test one on an inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn't cause scratches, swirls, or discolouration.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is an excellent natural cleaner that can remove grime, dust, and spots from almost any surface. Many green bond cleaners in Brisbane use such products to clean organically and without toxic cleaners.

Thus, to clean your windows, make a runny paste of baking soda and water. Apply it generously on the areas you want to sanitise and let it dwell for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, scrub with a wet sponge and remove the residues with a wet microfiber cloth.

Rubber Squeegee and Scrubber with Telescopic Handle

Another useful tool professional bond cleaners in Brisbane keep one hand is a rubber squeegee and scrubber with an adjustable wand. This tool is excellent for cleaning and wiping hard to reach windows.

If you are cleaning windows before moving out of a rental property, then his tool is essential. Ensure you get it from a good brand as cheap ones can break, or their telescopic handle can get stuck.

Window Screen Cleaning Tools

Simple and affordable window screen cleaning tools include microfiber sleeves and soft-bristled brushes. You can use them to remove dust and dirt by applying a cleaning solution and scrubbing.

Alternatively, invest in a pressure washer or rent one for a day or two to wash window screens. The high water pressure helps dislodge and remove dirt, grime, algae, mould, etc., making pressure washers suitable for cleaning outdoor windows. Professional bond cleaners in Brisbane offer window cleaning and pressure washing services in case you don't want to buy or rent the equipment.


Cleaning windows is a crucial task everyone should focus on because these fixtures admit light and fresh air in your house. Plus, they add to your home's appearance, aesthetic integrity, and view.

You can hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane to deep clean the windows of your rental property along with other areas before moving out. But for regular sprucing, get the things mentioned above that professionals use for making windows squeaky clean.

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