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7 Unique Cleaning Brushes to Clean Your Kitchen Like A Pro!

7 Unique Cleaning Brushes to Clean Your Kitchen Like A Pro!
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jul 14 2020
Keeping your kitchen clean is a necessary task everyone should perform. According to a study by NSF, the germiest in the home wasn’t the bathroom but the kitchen. It shouldn’t be surprising because the kitchen is where all the dirty fruits/vegetables are washed and prepared, plus meats are cut & cooked.

What’s more, it is a high-contact area making it suitable for germs to grow and get transmitted. Therefore, cleaning the kitchen is crucial, and to do so, having the right brushes along with cleaning products is required.

Expert cleaners say most people focus on getting the right sanitising solutions from the market, which is wise but not without the correct brush tool to clean with. Thus, investing in the right cleaning brushes is needed to effectively and efficiently get rid of contaminants and pathogens in your kitchen.

Here is a complete guide by professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane to help you know about seven unique cleaning brushes to get for cleaning and sanitising the kitchen like a pro!


Toothbrushes are not only excellent for cleaning your teeth, but they are handy tools for sanitising the kitchen as well. There are many nooks and crannies in a kitchen that are hard to clean without these mini brushes. These areas include windows frames/tracks, edges of appliances, cabinets, crevices of ovens, grouts etc.

Therefore, if you are having difficulty getting rid of build-up, spillage, dirt, and other residues from corners and narrow spaces, then use a toothbrush dipped in a safe and suitable cleaning solution. Many professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane use toothbrushes to sanitise hard to reach areas with general brushes.

Bottle Brushes

In every household kitchen, there are a variety of bottles and cylindrical items that require cleaning regularly. It can be difficult to sanitise such things using regular cleaning brushes which are usually in square or rectangular shapes.

Therefore having bottle bushes which are cylindrical in shape are necessary as they can easily go inside objects with a narrow opening like bottles, nozzles, jars, containers, pipes etc. They come in varied sizes and readily available in almost every retail store in Brisbane.

Liquid Soap Dispensing Brushes

One of the neatest inventions is this small brush tool with a liquid soap dispensing attachment on top or the side. Having this tool is handy because it eliminated the need to dip the brush in cleaning solution repeatedly and helps clean faster.

Brushes with soap dispensers also prevent contact of your hands with the cleaning solution. This type of brush is ideal for cleaning sinks, stoves, appliances, utensils, walls, spots, etc. If you want to clean like a professional end of lease cleaner in Brisbane, then having such brushes in your cleaning kit are a must.

Heavy-Duty Scrubbing Brushes

Want to make the greasy and grimy tiles, floors, countertops, and other areas in your kitchen spotless and squeaky clean? Then use heavy-duty scrubbing brushes with handles with thick bristles. Such brushes are designed to scrub away even the toughest stains, spots, and spillage on almost any kind of surface.

Usually, professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane have these types of brushes in their kits to sanitise heavily soiled areas effectively and efficiently. However, a word of caution to adhere while using such brushes is to read the instructions on the label to use them correctly.

Steel Wool or Wire Brushes

For people who like to cook extensively using ovens, grills, and high heat tolerating utensils keeping steel wool or wire brushes is of utmost importance. These types of brushes are cleaning burnt and stubborn food carbons from appliances and objects that are used for cooking meals that require a high flame.

They are not regular cleaning tools and should only be used for specific tasks such as cleaning barbeques, cleaning and sanitising ovens, washing brunt utensils, and metal surfaces with stubborn spillage stains.

According to the professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane, these brushes should be used cautiously, and only when required; otherwise they can easily damage any surface.

Multi-Purpose Brushes

Since one brush is sometimes not enough to get the work done, there are multi-purpose brushes that have two or more brush attachment together to make a set.

The hybrid brushes are excellent for cleaning several spaces in a house and other items in the kitchen since they have flat, loop, hook, cylindrical, and brushes of other shapes and sizes. They are handy tools of the professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane and will help you clean like a pro as well.

Broom Brushes with Dustpans

It is common for dust, dirt, debris, and other small contaminants to fall on the kitchen countertops, stoves, and floors, among other areas. To collect these contaminants and make clean them easy, there are broom-brushes with dustpans available in Brisbane.

These handy brushes are perfect for picking up food scraps, peels, crumbs, dust, powders, flour, and other things that commonly fall on different kitchen surfaces. Therefore having these brushes would be an excellent addition to your kitchen sanitising kit.

The Endnote

Today the markets of Brisbane are stocked with a variety of cleaning brushes suitable for sanitising kitchens effectively and efficiently. For people who are confused which brushes to get for their cleaning kits, this guide by professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane is excellent to learn about the unique and special cleaning brushes.