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How to Clean Your House for Pet-Induced Allergies?

How to Clean Your House for Pet-Induced Allergies?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jul 08 2020
Having pets is always a great feeling. They make you happy and keep you busy all the time. The only problem is they can quickly accumulate germs and bacteria that can be harmful to you and other family members.That is why you need to not only clean and groom them professionally but also clean your home thoroughly. Many people contact the experts who offer bond cleaning in Brisbane to maintain the cleanliness.However, you can also clean your home with little guidance. Here are some ways to clean your house and prevent pet-induced allergies. Let’s have a look!

Clean Your Upholstery and Carpets Properly

If you want to clean your house for pet-induced allergies, start with upholstery and carpets cleaning. Pets spend a lot of time sitting and relaxing on these spots, so they are most likely to have a lot of germs, bacteria and different kinds of allergies.

Clean them frequently with steam carpet cleaners. If you don’t have one, then you can hire professionals who offer bond cleaning in Brisbane. They have all modern tools and well aware of the advanced methods to clean upholstery and carpets perfectly without causing any damage to them.

Disinfect the Kitchen Countertop

Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen countertop is also essential if you have dogs. It will help you to prevent any pet-induced allergies. Many dogs have the habit of counter surfing. During this process, germs and bacteria present in their feet and saliva spread all over the countertop.

To remove the germs effectively, you need to clean it properly. Use liquid soap and water to clean the surface and then use a disinfectant wipe to eliminate invisible germs and allergens. It is important to keep this place clean because here, you cook food for your family.

Professionally Groom Your Pet

Grooming your pet professionals is an indirect way to clean your house for pet-induced allergies. The experienced professionals will trim pet hair, wash them properly, remove ticks and cut the nails to clean them thoroughly and make them clean and healthy.

As a result, they will spread minimum germs and bacteria in the house. You should also brush them regularly so that they have healthy skin and hair.

Improve the Ventilation

The germs and bacteria present in your pet not only spread on the various surfaces but also in the air. So, if you want to freshen up the indoor air and minimise the number of germs and allergens, improve the ventilation of the room.

Open the windows as well as the doors for as long as possible so that fresh air can enter the room and take the all the allergens away with it. It is one of the easiest ways to improve indoor air quality and prevent any pet-induced allergies.

Use Vacuum Cleaner Instead Of a Broom

Many people make the mistake of using a broom to clean the pet hair. It can be a bad idea because you are spreading the germs and allergens more than you are cleaning it. Thus, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom.

Run your vacuum cleaner over your carpets as well as hard floor to collect the pet hair. If you find that the pet hair is still visible, run it over the same spots once again. Professionals who offer bond cleaning in Brisbane also use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning.

Clean the Pet Beds, Toys and Bowls

Experts believe that you should clean the pet beds, toys, and bowls at least once a week because these are full of dirt, allergens, and pests. Most of the pet beds come with removable covers that you can easily wash in the laundry.

You should also wash the bowl after every meal to minimise the growth of germs and bacteria. If your pet spends a lot of time with any particular toys, you should also clean the toy and disinfect it.

Mop the Hard Floors

When you use a vacuum cleaner on the hard floor, you only remove the hair and visible dirt. So, if you want to destroy the germs and bacteria present on the floor, you need to clean the floor.

For the wooden floor, use warm water and add some vinegar into it. And if you have a concrete floor, you can use liquid soap and warm water. It will help you to destroy the allergens.

Disinfect the Frequently Touched Places

One of the most effective ways to clean your home and prevent pet-induced allergies is to clean and disinfect the frequently touched places like doorknobs, light switches, table surface, handle of the appliances, TV remote, faucets and so on.

People, who own a pet, often touch these spots without washing their hands, and that allows the germs and bacteria to spread in the home. Thus, you need to clean them and then use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the spots. If you have a tight schedule or don’t know how to clean your home thoroughly, hire professionals who carry out reliable bond cleaning in Brisbane.

Wash Bed Linens

Pets usually have a habit of relaxing on the beds, so it is crucial that you clean the linens of all the rooms properly. To destroy the germs and bacteria, you should wash the linens in hot water but before you clean them, read the instructions properly mentioned on it.

There can be a condition about the temperature of the water or any cleaning products. Clean linens will minimise the spread of pet-induced allergies.

Hire Professional Cleaners

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean your house for pet-induced allergies is by hiring professionals who perform bond cleaning in Brisbane. They have years of experience, skill, in-depth knowledge and modern tools, which help them to clean a home comprehensively.

They use innovative methods to eliminate all the pet-related germs, bacteria and allergens. The experts are well aware of the specific areas that require more cleaning, and thus they carry out the task accordingly.


Cleaning of the home is always important, but it becomes more vital when you have pets. They accumulate germs and allergens and spread it throughout the house. So, if you want to deep clean your home to prevent allergies, consider the ways mentioned above. It will make your home a healthier place to breathe.