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What is The Best Way to Clean an Oven?

What is The Best Way to Clean an Oven?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jun 26 2020
Ovens are among regularly used cooking appliances in homes and often the most ignored when it comes to cleaning. This versatile equipment is generally sanitised sporadically when it should be cleaned frequently since cooking leads to the build-up of grease, grime, food carbons, and much more on the walls, grills, and glass.

Usually, the appliance is neglected because it is a common misconception that cleaning it is a challenge and most people struggle to find the motivation to sanitise it. However, performing oven cleaning is easy with the right supplies and adequate knowledge.

If you are an oven owner wanting to know how to effectively, safely, and efficiently spruce the cooking equipment – Here is a complete guide by the end of lease cleaning experts in Brisbane with information about the best way to sanitise an oven, advantages of purging it, and more.

Arrange the Supplies

To sanitise the oven at any time, it is essential to have the cleaning products and tools on hand. Here is a list of supplies according to end of lease cleaning professionals which are economical, safe, and readily available in households that are required.

  • Water
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Liquid dishwashing soap or Castile soap (depends on preference)
  • Personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, mask, and an apron or overalls
  • Microfiber cloths, paper towels, and cotton rags
  • A bucket, spray bottle and other containers
  • A Scraper, scouring pads and sponges

According to end of lease cleaning experts in Brisbane using toxic products like oven cleaner is not necessary for removing grease, gunk, and food debris from ovens. Store-bought sanitisers have harmful chemicals like sodium hydroxide, butoxydiglycol, etc. Nor are these toxins good for the environment, and neither are they good for humans or animals.

Method for Sanitising the Oven

Plan to clean the oven on a weekend or the day you have an off to have time and the energy to complete the task adequate. Here are the steps of the process.

  • Open the oven and take out the grills or racks to submerge them in a solution of three parts hot water, a few drops of soap and one part of white vinegar.
  • Take a paper towel and wipe the insides of the appliance to remove grease, gunk and debris that come off quickly.
  • Make a runny but thick paste of baking soda and water in a container. Apply the paste to the inside and outside of the oven with a sponge. Make sure all the areas of the oven are covered, and the paste is applied generously. Leave the mixture to work for at least 6-8 hours or overnight.
  • Remove the dried paste with a scraper and collect in a disposable bag. Next mix warm water and ½ tsp. of dishwashing liquid in a bowl and start scrubbing the surfaces of the oven to remove any leftover gunk, grease, or debris. Wipe the appliance dry with a microfibre cloth or cotton rag.
  • Mix one part water and one part white vinegar in a spray bottle to sanitise the cleaned oven. This step will help remove the odour or any residues that may still be inside or outside the appliance. Wipe with a paper towel or microfiber cloth before letting the equipment aerate.
  • Meanwhile scrub and wash the grills, rakes, and other parts of the oven that were submerged in the cleaning solution. Wipe and let them sun dry before installing back into the oven
  • In between deep cleans, wipe the interiors and exteriors with paper towels after applying the water-vinegar solution. Make it a habit especially if you are tenant because by being proactive you can prevent the oven from being heavily soiled and make it less time-consuming for end of lease cleaning professionals in Brisbane to sanitise it during the final sanitation.

Advantages of a Cleaning your Oven

Since the oven is a cooking appliance keeping it sanitary is necessary to avoid getting food poisoning or any other food-related illness. Other advantages of cleaning your oven are mentioned as follows.

  • Regular cleaning keeps the oven smelling fresh and odourless
  • Prevents carbons from forming due to residual food debris from burning
  • Enhances the functionality of the appliance which is hampered if there is grease, oil, or gunk
  • Makes the food smell good because there is no odour in the oven

Should You Hire Professionals?

For tenants who are at the end of tenancies having heavily soiled ovens and kitchens, the best option is to hire end of lease cleaning experts who will have the products, equipment and experience to sanitise the appliance effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, professionals can be hired in case you lack time and energy to perform the cleaning.

Wrapping Up

For people who have the bandwidth, regular upkeep using the method by the end of lease cleaners in Brisbane mentioned above is enough. It is an excellent measure to ensure your oven doesn't become heavily soiled. Keeping your oven clean is not difficult as it only requires the usage of the right products and the knowledge of the best way to sanitise it naturally.

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