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Things people Forget During End of Tenancy

a woman dusting windows with dusting cloth in hand
Things people Forget During End of Tenancy
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Sep 18 2019

Let’s face it. Moving out of leased premises is one of those situations where you have to take care of various things. Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to return the property to the landlord or property manager in a pristine condition. Apart from cleaning, you should always be careful about other factors that can help you in getting your security deposit back.

However, many people overlook some key things during the end of tenancy, and then end up with a conflict or dispute with their landlord. If you are also among those who are struggling in getting their deposited money back, then call for the experts for a thorough end of tenancy cleaning in Brisbane.

They know how to tackle this situation and return the property in a clean state using high-end equipment and tools. Of course, hiring trained cleaners can help you in simplifying your end of tenancy cleaning, but there are some factors or things people/tenants that play a vital role during the end of tenancy period.

Today, we have brought you a list of things people often forget while moving out of your rental premises.

Let’s get started!

1. Not updating your Landlord You’ll Be Moving Out

Most of the tenants forget to give notice to their landlords that they will be moving out. Usually, most leases need at least 30 days’ notice that you are not going to re-sign the lease agreement and are moving out of the rental premises.

Most landlords will reach out to tenants at this time because they also wanted to know whether they should look for the new tenants or not. However, if you fail to give notice about your move out plan, landlords are free to charge you rent for an additional month. So, be careful and update your landlord on time.

2. Forget to Secure the Tenancy Documents

Keeping all tenancy documents in a safe place is important if you are moving out of your rental premises. Having a copy of tenancy agreement, rent records, protection inspection reports and notices from landlords may help if there is a conflict between you and your landlord at the end of your tenancy.

3. Not Cleaning the Premises Thoroughly

Those who are overlooking the deep cleaning of the rental premises before the final inspection can lose their bond money. So, make sure you don’t commit this mistake and keep the following things in mind:

  • Prepare and pack all your belongings (personal items)
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean the property from top to bottom according to the end of tenancy cleaning checklist.
  • Clean the ceiling fans, switchboards, light fixtures and fittings and walls.
  • Don’t forget to remove dust from hidden areas such as air vents and ducts, above the cabinets and underneath the heavy furniture
  • Clean windows inside and outside (if it is reachable)
  • Treat stubborn stains, build-up grease, grime, mould and mildew from the walls, floors, tiles, countertops, cabinets, sink, faucets and toilet bowl using eco-friendly cleaners.
  • Deep clean your carpets and other floor coverings
  • Thoroughly clean your kitchen
  • Clean your kitchen appliances inside and outside
  • Disinfect your bathroom, doorknobs, handles
  • Clean the patio area, laundry room and garage.

Tip: It is good to hire trained end of tenancy cleaners in Brisbane who can clean up your apartment according to the REIQ- approved checklist and ensure the full return of your bond money without any dispute.

4. Not Cancelling the Utilities

If you are paying for utility services such as water, electricity, the Internet, etc throughout the lease period, then shut them off or transfer the utilities to the new address. Also, record the water and electricity meter reading on the final day of the lease.

Let your utility service providers know when you are planning to discontinue the service at your current address.

5. Ignoring the Leaks and Water Damage

Believe it or not! Your landlord or a property manager is definitely going to inspect for the leaks and water damage after checking the cleaning aspects. Instead of overlooking this issue, get them repaired before the final inspection.

Check around the faucets, under sinks, around the base of bathtubs, showers and toilets for the leaks. To check water damages, look around the areas such as walls, floors, ceilings to see the signs of sagging or buckling.

Tip: Don’t forget to check outside your house for signs of water damage and leaks. And try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

6. Not Leaving a Forwarding Address

Many tenants forget to leave the forwarding address with the landlord. If you want your future bills as well as a security deposit to make it to your new home, then provide the details of your new address to the landlord.

You will also need to contact your post office and have your mails forwarded so that you get all subscriptions and packages on time. So, do this during your end of tenancy and move out without any hassle.


It is important to avoid move-out chaos and get your full bond money back by not committing the mistakes mentioned above in this article. Give your landlord proper notice on time and leave your rental premises in a clean and well-maintained condition.

You can also hire professionals for meticulous end of tenancy cleaning in Brisbane. With the use of advanced tools and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, they will transform your dirty apartment into a sparkling space to help you get your security deposits back without any dispute.