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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Company

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Company
  • Chloe Wilson
  • May 25 2021
Hiring a professional cleaning service is one of the best ways to save time, money and energy to ensure a hygienic living environment. Full-trained and experienced cleaners will take care of complicated sprucing chores and help you achieve the best possible results.

However, the entire hiring process can be stressful and challenging for many people. With so many options available in the cleaning industry, it is important to choose the right one which can give you quality service at the best price.

Make sure you do thorough research about the company, especially when you are looking for a detailed bond cleaning in Brisbane. Below are some important questions to ask before hiring a cleaning company:

1. How Much Experience Do You Have in the Cleaning Industry?

You can’t overlook the importance of experience when it comes to outsourcing a thorough house cleaning service. A new or less experienced company may not be able to give you desired outcomes.

So, it is good to choose the service providers who have at least 5-7 years of experience in this particular industry. Such companies know the best methods to spruce up even the most complex areas without causing any damage to the property.

2. What is Included in your Cleaning Service?

This is an important question to ask while searching for the best house cleaners. First, decide what you need in terms of cleaning service because many companies don’t cover certain areas, such as deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery, outsides of windows, etc.

But, also, don’t assume that they won’t do all of this. Instead, have a communication with them and clear all your doubts before making the final decision. Ask them what includes in their cleaning service and will they do carpets, oven, microwave and other important areas or not.

A good company follows a standard checklist which includes all rooms- a living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and patio area. So, do your research and find the most suitable option for you.

3. Are Your Cleaners Fully Insured?

Avoid hiring a home cleaner that doesn’t have insurance even if they are offering you cheap rates. Anything can happen on your property while they are sprucing up your space. You can’t predict accidents, and when they occur, someone will be responsible.

What if something precious in your home is broken or your table gets scratched? In such a scenario, you need compensation for that.

Apart from this, if the cleaner doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance, then you will need to pay if he gets injured on your property. That’s why it is good to hire fully insured house cleaners in Brisbane.

4. Do I Need to Prepare my House for Your Arrival?

Make sure you ask this question because many companies won’t clear up your clutter. You can remove toys, magazines and other stuff lying on the floor before their arrival. Be sure they can access the surfaces and floors easily while removing tough stains and grime.

It is also good to empty your fridge before they come to your place so that they can clean it without any obstacle. Always remember that professionals will do the dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping and sanitising for you. They won’t organise the property. So, keep this in mind and ask the question for better understanding.

5. Will You Bring All the Necessary Cleaning Supplies?

Most of the companies bring their own cleaning tools and equipment to carry out the job with perfection. Still, ask this question because many cleaning service providers may ask you to arrange certain tools.

If they come fully-equipped with all the necessary supplies, then ask them to provide you with the list. You can also arrange some of them on your own. Make sure they are in working condition, especially a vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Trained bond cleaners in Brisbane bring all the latest tools, such as heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, microfiber mops and dusters to give high-quality service.

6. What Type of Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Nowadays, cleaning service providers use green products that are safe for the environment. Such products do not contain chemicals and harmful elements. However, the question is still worth asking, especially if you have pets and kids at home.

You should avoid a company which uses chemically-laden cleaners and solvents because this can pollute the indoor air and trigger some serious health issues. You can also visit their websites or contact previous customers to know whether they follow green cleaning practices or not.

7. What is Your Pricing Policy?

Do not forget to ask this question because many firms offer much cheaper rates and then ask you to pay extra in the middle of the process. So, make sure the company you are hiring offer upfront pricing without any hidden cost. If the company is giving you all the pricing details, then you should hire them for your house cleaning chores.


A good cleaning service can alleviate your stress and make your house look cleaner and shiner. Make sure you ask these questions and pick up the most reliable option depending on your specific needs. If you are at the end of your tenancy, then hire a company that can offer you high-quality bond cleaning in Brisbane to help you get the bond back.