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How To Make Cleaning Fun

How To Make Cleaning Fun
  • Chloe Wilson
  • May 28 2021
Some people are inclined towards cleaning, but most find it boring, tedious, and cumbersome. But, house cleaning is a crucial activity as it maintains home hygiene, prevents pollution of indoor air and helps keeps household members healthy.

This activity is also crucial for preventing avoidable wear and tear, which is an issue when you live in a rented property. These damages can jeopardise your bond refund even if you get professional bond cleaners in Brisbane to deep clean your leased real estate.

Professional cleaners can sanitise the surfaces and fixtures in your rental property, but they cannot repair structural damage. Therefore, neglecting your cleaning responsibilities is neither economical nor good for your mental & physical well-being.

Here are simple tips that you can follow to make cleaning fun and keep your home sparkling at all times. Have a look.

Play Music, Podcasts Or Audio Books

Cleaning without any stimulation can be boring, which is why you can make this activity fun by listening to your favourite songs, audiobooks or podcasts. From day one, you can feel motivated and excited to do your chores and listen to your favourite things for which you may not find time otherwise.

Thus, before starting any sanitation activity, keep your playlist ready to make sprucing your home amusing and enjoyable.

Invest in Good Tools and Equipment

When you have the right tools and equipment for cleaning and sanitising your home, you will automatically feel motivated to use them. Often people procrastinate doing chores because they don’t have good and user-friendly products. Therefore, if you want to make cleaning easy and fun, have the following tools/equipment in your kit.

  • A vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments
  • Steam cleaner for sanitising and disinfecting household surfaces effectively and efficiently without using chemicals
  • Sponges, brushes, and magic erasers of different sizes
  • Rubber squeegees, scrubbers, and duster with adjustable handles and telescopic wands

Like professional bond cleaners in Brisbane, having reliable and suitable cleaning equipment/tools also enables you to get excellent results and save time, energy, and effort.

Create A Routine

Instead of cleaning and sanitising your home randomly, streamline the process by creating a routine that works for you. Perform important tasks like dusting, doing laundry, washing dishes, wiping commonly used surfaces, sweeping, mopping etc., throughout the day. You can have two or more cleaning schedules that you complete in the morning and before going to bed.

Organising your tasks and having a checklist can make it extremely easy to manage your time and clean without feeling flustered or hassled. It is how the professional bond cleaners in Brisbane manage complete house cleans without breaking a sweat.

Set Deadlines and Rewards

Incentives can make any work interesting and motivate you and household members to complete chores without constant reminders. Therefore, make a calendar for cleaning chores to assign deadlines for each task.

Also, set rewards when the task is completed before or on the day of the deadline to make the process fun. It is easier to be motivated and excited to finish house cleaning chores when your goals and timelines are set.

Think of Cleaning as Exercising

Kill two birds with one stone by treating cleaning activities as exercises. Give your body the workout it needs, plus maintain household hygiene to have optimum health and a sparkling home.

While sanitising and disinfecting your home, you walk, run, lift, scrub and do various other low or high-intensity physical activities that burn calories and help release endorphins (the happy hormones) in your body. Thus, you have better mental and physical health by cleaning regularly.

Involve Others

Cleaning alone is usually boring and overwhelming, which is why to make it enjoyable, ask household members to do it with you. Benefits of involving others include:

  • Difficult tasks get done faster
  • More chores are completed in less time
  • You get support and motivation
  • It is excellent for bonding with your family

Start Small

Completing multiple cleaning chores can be overwhelming and physically strenuous for beginners. Therefore, start small by making a cleaning routine involving three or four tasks that you can complete in 10-15 minutes. These tasks can be dusting common areas, sweeping /mopping the floors, organising the house, throwing trash etc.

Once you get into the habit of cleaning and sanitising your home routinely, it will be easier for you to manage more extensive and time-consuming tasks.


Cleaning and fun are never used associated together because most people think of sanitising and disinfecting their home as tedious and boring. However, cleaning can be exciting and enjoyable if you follow the tips mentioned above.

Remember, doing this activity is crucial to keep your home neat and tidy, plus prevent avoidable wear and tear that can make you lose your bond even if you hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane.