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What Is The Best Way To Clean Door and Window Screens?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Door and Window Screens?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Sep 04 2020

Many homes in Brisbane have screened doors and windows in their back yards, outdoor areas, and even entryways. It is because these instalments act as shields against pests, birds, and animals. They are also excellent for keeping leaves, dust, feathers, dirt particles, and other debris from getting inside the property.

What’s more, these screens are great for allowing light and clean air inside without letting contaminants through. However to have the screens work properly and keep them maintained, cleaning them regularly is necessary. If your home has door and window screens here is your complete guide by professional cleaners in Brisbane outlining the best way to clean them.

Create the Cleaning Kit

Before embarking on the cleaning spree of the screens on your doors and windows gather the supplies required for the task. In a container keep a cleaning solution in a spray bottles, sponges, brushes, microfiber cloths, etc.

In addition, keep your vacuum cleaner prepared with brush and crevice tool attachments. Once you have all your cleaning supplies on hand ou can clean the screens at any time and without any hassle.

Take out Removable Parts

If the door and window screens in your home are detachable then take them out for cleaning them thoroughly. This trick is used by many professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane to ensure the protective items are sanitised thoroughly and no dirt, grime, debris or other contaminants remain on them that might hinder with their performance. In case the screens are not removable you can still clean them with the right cleaning supplies.

Vacuum First

The first step to ensuring these fixtures are in your home remain free of dust, dirt, debris, and contaminants is to vacuum them thoroughly. Use the brush vacuum tool attachment to comb the surface of the screen in slow deliberate strokes sliding in upward and downward direction. With the crevice tool remove contaminants from nooks, crannies, frames, and tracks with ease.

Wash the Screens

Spray the screen with the cleaning solution which can be plain soap and water then scrub with a sponge to wash them. If there is stubborn grime or dirt logged in the screens’ mesh and other parts then use a brush to remove them. Next rinse the screens by spraying with water and wiping with microfiber cloth. If the screens are removable you can wash them in an open space and leave in sunlight to air dry.

For people who have extremely dirty screens and have to move out from a tenanted house, cleaning the screens can be tiring and challenging. Such tenants should consider hiring end of lease cleaning experts in Brisbane who have the right product and tools to clean heavily-soiled window and door screens.

Reinstall the Screens

If you have removable screen which you washed and dried make sure to reinstall them as soon as they are free of any moisture. Before reinstalling these fixtures, make sure the frames, tracks, hinges, and other parts of the windows or doors are sanitised. Taking these measures will ensure the screens remain clean for longer and their shelf life is increased.

Benefits of Cleaning Door and Window Screens

Most screens are installed in the windows and doors of back yards, pool areas, patios, entryways and other outdoor areas from where debris, leaves, and other contaminants may enter the house. There are numerous benefits of having screens on doors and windows, some of them are mentioned as follows.

  • The screens keep critters, insects, and other small pests outside by blocking their entry
  • Dust, debris, particles, and pollutants are kept away from contaminating the indoor air
  • Let sunlight and fresh air inside without the contaminants making them excellent for homes with children, elderly and pets

Should You Hire Professionals?

Most screens are easy to wash and clean and don’t require assistance. However, when the screens are heavily soiled or have grime stuck in the mesh from neglect, professional assistance may be required.

They have high-performance cleaning tools and equipment like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, pressure washers, etc. that can easily remove debris and stubborn grime from any screens. If you have these screens at your rented property, then your hired end of lease cleaning experts in Brisbane may clean them, and you should ask if they charge extra for it.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning window and door screens in your home is easy and can be managed without investing too much time or elbow grease. By following this guide containing the best way to door and window screens mentioned above, you can ensure the screens in your home look clean and allow pleasant air and light to seep through without being contaminated by pollutants or cause their obscuration.

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