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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning with Kids?

A mom and daughter having fun during cleaning
What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning with Kids?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Feb 28 2020
Cleaning the entire home on your own is undoubtedly a difficult task. And if you have kids, the task is expected to get even more challenging. In this scenario, the best option would be to hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. But is there any other option? Yes, there is! Instead of getting stressed out by thinking about the kids, you should involve them in your cleaning task.

This will allow you to get a little help in the cleaning, but more importantly, you would be able to educate your children about the hygiene of the home and keeping it organised. But before you begin, here are a few do’s and don’ts of cleaning with kids that you should know. Have a look!

Things You Should Do When Cleaning With Kids

Cleaning your home with the kids can be a daunting task, but if you follow some smart tactics, things can be a little easy for you. Here are a few things that you should always do when cleaning with kids.

Involve Your Kids in Cleaning

It is no secret that keeping your home neat, clean and organised is tough when you have children. However, it is not impossible! Instead of thinking about them as a hurdle between you and a clean home, try to make them a part of the solution. Many people prefer to contact professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland. But you can also do it on your own and involved kids in your cleaning process.

Teach Them the Importance of Cleaning

If you want to involve your kids in your cleaning task, first you need to make them understand the significance of a clean and organised house. Experts believe it is always good to educate children about cleanliness at a young age. So talk to them about germs and bacteria related diseases and how to stay away from them.

Assign Them Specific Task

If your kids are around 5 to 6 year old, you can expect them to help you in your cleaning. However, you need to instruct them properly. Otherwise, they are most likely to get confused. So give them one single instruction at a time like ‘put away the toys’ or ‘arrange the cushions’. Once it is done, switch to another task.

Make Cleaning Task Fun for Them

No one can deny that the cleaning is a tedious task, so your kids have all the reasons to hate it. If you want to make any difference, look for ways that can make this task a little fun. There are many ways to do that like playing their favourite song during the cleaning process, organising a competition with siblings, giving a treat, and so on.

Set a Time Frame for Older Kids

Parents often expect their kids to do things immediately when they are asked. It might be fine when they five years and under, but if they are older, you need to have a little patience! It would be much better if you give them a time frame of a couple of hours or days (depending on the task).

Supervise Your Kids

Even if your kids are old enough (9 to 10 years) to clean the kitchen counters, windows, wash dishes and do other similar things, you must supervise them. For instance, they do not understand the harmful effects of commercial cleaners, so make sure they are wearing gloves all the time. Also, they can opt for the wrong method like using acidic cleaners on kitchen countertop made of natural stone. This can damage the surface. So, your guidance is always essential for your kids.

Appreciate Their Efforts

When your children are making efforts and helping you in the cleaning process, always try to support and encourage them as much as possible. You should always appreciate them for their efforts, even if the job is not done perfectly. You should not forget that they are only kids and their willingness to help you in cleaning the house is all that matters. Your appreciation will encourage them in future, and they will always be ready to make improvements.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Cleaning With Kids

Cleaning the home is already a difficult task. So, involving your kids in it can be a little helpful, but more frustrating. But, it is vital that you don’t get stressed out and stay calm. Make sure they don’t get hurt physically or emotionally during the cleaning process. Here are a few things you should avoid.

Don’t Raise Your Voice

You should never raise your voice on the kids or punish them if they are not helping you to clean the house properly. You need to understand that they are just children, so they haven’t reached the level of understanding and responsibility where you expect them to help you as a teenager. Let them enjoy the cleaning task as much as they want.

Don’t Criticise Them

Parent often criticise their kids if they didn’t finish a task neatly. If you think this will make them realise their mistake and they will improve, you are absolutely wrong! You should even avoid redoing their work in front of them. This kind of attitude will only discourage them. You might get frustrated with the cleaning chores, but never show your frustration to them. If you find it difficult to clean your home, hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. It would be a great help.

Don’t Make Comparisons

Near make the mistake of comparing the cleaning of your kids with their siblings. This will not only discourage them but also give birth to sibling rivalry. So, always appreciate them for what they are doing, guide them, and motivate them for future cleaning tasks.

Don’t Assign them too much of cleaning task

The main objective of cleaning with kids is to educate them about cleaning and make them more responsible for keeping your home clean and more organised. So, you should never allocate them too much work in a day that they feel like carrying a burden. If your property requires a lot of cleaning, it is advisable to contact a company that offers reliable and cheap end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland.

Don’t Assign Them Any Risky Task

Never allow your kids to wash any sharp objects like knives and graters. Even glassware can also cause serious injury. You should also avoid giving them any spot that requires a lot of scrubbing. At this young age, they won’t be able to do it properly.

Don’t Break Your Promise

If you have promised your kids a movie or a treat for the cleaning task they have done, you should always keep it. This will develop a trust factor and make your bond with kids even stronger in coming years.

Don’t Use Commercial Cleaners

When you are cleaning with kids, always avoid the commercial cleaners. This is because most of these products have harmful chemicals that can prove dangerous for the kids. Instead of using these products, go for a safer alternative like baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon, and so on. Many professionals who offer eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Brisbane also use these natural products in cleaning.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning with kids may feel like an impossible task, but it’s not! You just need to have a little patience, right attitude towards the kids and attentiveness to ensure their safety. So, the next time you plan to clean your home, do not forget to involve your children. The do’s and don’ts mentioned here will help you to accomplish your goal.