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End of Lease Cleaning Tips by Experts to Help Get Your Bond Back

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End of Lease Cleaning Tips by Experts to Help Get Your Bond Back
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Feb 24 2020

It is not easy for a tenant to clean the rental property thoroughly and take care of other moving responsibilities at the same time. However, no one can neglect the cleaning task because it involves a hefty amount of security deposit.

Thus, it is advisable to hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. They have expertise in cleaning the property and help their clients to get the bond money back.

Apart from that, you also save your time and efforts. However, there are several things that you can do. Here are a few essential end of lease cleaning tips by experts to help get your bond back. Have a look!

Check Your Entry Condition Report

When you are moving out of your rental property and planning for the end of lease cleaning, the entry condition report plays a pivotal role. Grab the condition report which you received at the start of the lease period and read it properly. This will give you a clear idea of what was already broken or dirty. You are not bound to replace, repair or clean such things. This will make the end of lease cleaning task a little easy and organised for you.

Thus, experts believe the tenants should always click pictures of the property at the start of the lease period because these photos can prove valuable at the end of the lease period.

Follow a Checklist

One of the best end of lease cleaning tips you can get from experts is to follow a checklist for the task. By following a cleaning checklist, you can make sure that you are not leaving any area that requires cleaning or repair. Examine the entire property room by room and prepare the list.

All the professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland, also follow a cleaning checklist. It not only ensures deep cleaning of the house but also helps you to know which areas have been completed and what is left.

Clean the Bathroom and kitchen thoroughly

When it is time for end of lease cleaning, you should pay more attention to your bathroom and kitchen. This is because these two rooms are more challenging to clean in comparison to other rooms in your property. People use these rooms the most but do not clean that often. As a result, it accumulates a lot of dirt and dust over the years, which become difficult to clean during end of lease cleaning.

However, you should know the fact that your property owner/ manager scrutinise these rooms during the final inspection and if they are not happy with the cleaning, you might lose a good amount from your security deposit. This is why experts always advise hiring professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. They know how to clean the dirty bathroom and kitchen perfectly and also within the deadline.

Focus On the Right Spots

One of the essential tips of end of lease cleaning is to focus on the right spots. You should never forget that the landlords/ property managers have an eye for detail. So, anything that is not clean is most likely to grab their attention. Experts believe that there are certain things that the inspection agents carefully observe. Some of them are:

Carpets: Over time, the carpets can get dirty and full of stains and pet hair. Such a scenario can be pretty annoying for the property owner. Thus you need to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning carpets can be a daunting task, and thus, you should hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland.

Oven: Your oven is one of the most useful appliances in your home that do a lot of cooking. So, you can expect it to become dirty. But you should clean it properly because your landlord is most likely to have a close look into it.

Windows: The window of the house is one of the first things that will attract the attention of your property managers during the final inspection. Thus you need to clean it property not only from the inside but also from the outside. Cleaning windows can be risky if you are not on the ground floor. Thu you need to contact end of lease cleaners in Brisbane.

Ceiling Fans: People often ignore the ceiling fans of the room during the end of lease cleaning. Thus experts advise to remove the dust and dirt from its blades and make it look clean. Cleaning ceiling fans should be at the top of your checklist.

Repair Any Major Damage

Repairing any major damage is also an essential part of the end of lease cleaning. A small amount of wear and tear can be fine for your landlord (depend from person to person). However, if there is any significant damage like discolouration of carpet, broken windows, holes in the walls, etc. Then you are most likely to lose a hefty amount of money from your security deposit.

Thus, you should examine the property properly and make sure there is no such damage. If you find any severe damage, repair it or replace it.

Hire Professional Cleaners

When your bond money is at stake, you should always hire professionals who can assure the high-quality end of lease cleaning. All reputed end of lease cleaning companies has professionals who are experienced, properly trained and have the technical knowledge to clean all types and sizes of properties. They precisely know what the property managers expect at the time of final inspection.

Thus, they clean the property accordingly. End of lease cleaners also has advanced cleaning tools like steam carpet cleaners to ensure high-quality cleaning. However, before you choose a company, do enough research about it and book them in advance.

Do Not Disconnect Your Utilities

You might like to disconnect your utilities like water and electricity once you are done with your end of lease cleaning service, but the experts beg to differ! According to them, you should not disconnect your utilities until you get the nod from your property manager about the quality of the cleaning. Allow the landlord to do the final inspection; they may require some touch up cleaning done.

Even after the end of lease cleaning, your landlord may demand some touch-up cleaning. So, don't disconnect it in a hurry.


End of lease cleaning is one of the most common factors for disputes between the tenants and property owners/ managers. Thus, you should know about the best ways to get back your bond money back. The expert's tips mentioned here can be a great help at the end of your lease period.