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The Best Way to Clean Indoor and Exterior Concrete Floors

designer home with concrete floors
The Best Way to Clean Indoor and Exterior Concrete Floors
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jul 23 2019

Over the years, many people have opted for Cement flooring at their private and commercial properties due to its durable nature and easy maintenance. Cement floors have proved to be an excellent substitute for traditional flooring such as marble, linoleum, wood, tile, etc., as the scope for texture, design, pattern and colour customisation is high.

Besides, cement floors (also called concrete floors) are chosen as they are cost-effective. They are great for homes with kids, house workshops, offices, warehouses, showrooms, etc. If you are someone with a property that has cement flooring, you would know that it is easy to preserve.

However, from time to time, these floors require thorough cleaning and shining. And when you are moving to a new space and need to do bond cleaning, it becomes all the more important to hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.

The reason for choosing professionals is apparent, as they are experts and know-how to carry out bond cleaning as per industry standards. Conversely, if you do have the time and energy to undertake the task of cleaning & shining cement floors of your property yourself, read on to know the Do’s and Don’ts.

The Do’s

Daily, make sure you dust and mop the floors. If you do this regularly, dirt will not deposit on the levels, and they will remain shiny for long. Have a spill & immediately clean up policy. It means that the moment you or anyone else spills anything of the floor, it should be cleaning right at that moment to avoid staining or loss of shine.

Clean the floors with a gallon of lukewarm water that is mixed with 1 cup white vinegar (it works as a disinfectant), and 1/4th cup liquid dishwasher. Get a clean mop and dip it in the solution. Wring out the excess and in slow strokes, wipe the cement floor. Focus and gently scrub the areas with stains or heavy residues.

Mopping with this solution will clean and shine your cement floor. However, if this process does not remove a stain or residue, you can dust a thick layer of baking soda on it. You can also make a paste of baking soda and water. Just let the powder or paste sit for up to an hour and wipe off the area.

You can also use a coarse grit disc and scrub the floors after mopping. Next, you can polish the surface with a fine-grit disc. This should do the trick of cleaning and shining your cement floors, but if you still don’t feel satisfied, you can always use a finer grit disc for polishing. The last step will be to apply a store-bought cement floor polish. You can use a soft polishing brush for this purpose.

The Don’ts

Although cement floor cleaners are low maintenance, taking care of certain things will keep them clean and shining for long. Make sure whatever floor cleaning detergent you are opting for is pH neutral. If you use harsh chemicals on your cement floors, you will have to get them resealed sooner than later.

Bleach can be used for cleaning cement floors once in a while or if there is mildew or moss; however while doing so, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. You can dilute the bleach with detergent or water, and it will act as a disinfectant. Make sure, under no circumstances; you mix bleach with ammonia for cleaning as the fumes can be hazardous.

Some cement floors are painted or have a sealant over them. In that case, avoid using bleach or ammonia as this can cause erosion of the surface. While cleaning or polishing the cement floors, make sure you use soft brushes and grits. If you use products that are too abrasive, it can erode the cement floor.

Don’t keep the cement damp as moisture can cause cracks to appear on the cement floor.Don’t leave areas with heavy footfall or traffic bare. Put floor mats or rugs to preserve the polish.Even if you have a floor grinder/ polisher at your disposal, don’t use it without having proper knowledge of how to use. If you do know how to use one, even then exercise caution.

Don’t follow the advice of people blindly when it comes to cleaning and shining your cement floors. Make sure you do proper research and undertake the responsibility only after you are sure what you are doing. If you need to clean your cement floors for vacate cleaning, please take the help of professionals. There are many bond cleaning experts in Brisbane who you can sought-out for help.


Your prime aim while cleaning and shining your cement floors should be to ensure the result is as desired and no damage is done. If you have any doubts, you should go for Bond cleaning experts in Brisbane, rather than undertaking the task yourself. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s the best for the property.