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7 Ways to Disinfect the House After Illness

young man wiping the counter with spray bottle in hand
7 Ways to Disinfect the House After Illness
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jul 09 2019

The dust, allergens and germs lead to harmful diseases including cold, flu and respiratory disorders. It is difficult to tackle the situation when someone in your family gets cold and curdled up with a high fever in bed. Being a homemaker, it is your responsibility to alleviate the side effects of the disease and keep the entire house environment clean and sanitised.

You can take some time out of your busy schedule and do a thorough cleaning of your home because you don’t want other members in your family catching the flu or for your toddlers to infect themselves again with the same ailment. Once the siege is over, don’t forget to disinfect your entire house and ensure a healthy and hygienic environment.

In case, you are preparing your leased property for the final inspection, then look for the best and trained end of lease cleaners in Kangaroo Point. They not only clean the premises but also sanitise and disinfect the dirtiest areas using safe and sound cleaning products.

But if you are looking for DIY ways to disinfect the house after an illness, then you should read this blog post. Today, we will explore the seven best tricks that will kill all the germs and bacteria from your house after the ordeal is over.

1. Spruce up your Bathroom

Believe it or not! Your bathroom breeds hundreds and thousands of germs when someone in your home is suffering from the flu or cold. That’s the reason why it is imperative to deep clean the bathroom once the flu has passed away.

Thoroughly scrub the toilet, floors, washbasin, faucets, and walls to get rid of stains and marks. Once you are done with this, disinfect the same along with the doors, knobs, showerhead and tile grout. This is one of the best tricks you can do to disinfect the germiest areas of your house.

2. Disinfect all door handles

Doorknobs, appliance handles, faucet levers, etc. are some of the places in the house that breeds germs. According to the experts, viruses and bacteria can live on these hot spots for more than 48 hours. This means disinfecting these areas can play a crucial role in keeping your house germ-free.

Try to use a surface-disinfectant that can kill the influenza A virus on hard surfaces like door handles and faucet levers. But make sure the areas should be clean, and it needs to stay wet with the disinfecting spray for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Target Dirty Areas in Kitchen

The kitchen is the most overlooked placed during a bout of illness. When you leave the countertop dirty for a long time, it gets grimy, and all the germs wake up and spread throughout the different areas of your kitchen, including cups, dishes and sink.

So, it is very imperative for you to wash all the dishes in hot water along with a dishwashing solution. Clean the kitchen countertops, stovetop and range hoods using an all-purpose cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth to remove stains and built-up grease.

Once it is done, sanitise every corner of the kitchen in your house in Kangaroo Point using a safe and sound product. Wipe down microwave handle, electronic panels on your appliances, refrigerator handles and sink to get rid of harmful germs.

4. Sanitise the Clothing

Any shirt, pant or other clothing is worn when you are sick needs to be cleaned and sanitised. Wash all the clothing in hot water in a separate load. Use a sanitiser or disinfectant to alleviate the viruses and bacteria that could be harmful to your health. Use homemade freshener to make your clothes and room smell fresh again.

5. Change the Bedding

When someone in your family is sick, they spend most of their time in bed. If you want to disinfect each corner of your home, then wash and disinfect your bed sheets, comforters, pillow covers and blankets lying on the bed. Also, vacuum clean your mattress to remove the accumulated dust.

Make sure you vacuum your mattress and carpet once in a week. This will keep the dust particles and allergens away from home. If you need professional assistance, look for the best bond cleaning company in Kangaroo Point. They know how to clean the dirty areas in the house with environmentally-friendly sanitisers and disinfectants.

6. Remote Controls, Phones and Light Switches

After an illness, make sure you wipe down light switches, remote control and phones because these are the areas where germs accumulate the most. Since these are no-wet items, make sure you clean and sanitise it with a cotton ball.

First, remove the dry dust using a microfiber cloth. Then dip the cotton ball in the disinfectant solution and squeeze them to avoid liquid getting inside through gaps of these items. Now, wipe off the areas of remote controls and light switches.

7. Sterlise the Toothbrushes

It is better to switch the old toothbrush with a new one. But if you want to use the same brush, then get rid of germs as soon as possible. Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in a bowl. Soak all the toothbrushes in it for an hour and then rinse them with running water. Also, clean the toothbrush holder to achieve better results.


After cold and flu, your body can still be vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. If you want to ensure a healthy lifestyle after being sick, then follow the tips mentioned above in this post and disinfect the critical areas of your home. You can create a better place to live and promote a hygienic environment with simple and effective cleaning methods.

In case you are running at the end of the lease period and can’t complete your cleaning chores due to the sickness, then call for the end of lease cleaning experts in Kangaroo Point. They can take care of your premises and help you get back your deposited security after the final inspection by your landlord.

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