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Signs of a Good Feng Shui House

beautifully decorated room in white theme
Signs of a Good Feng Shui House
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Sep 06 2018

Having a good feng shui at your home is believed to bring prosperity, positivity and success to your life. It embraces a number of definitions, including good landscape layout, healthy house environment, good fortune, well-being, cleanliness of the house, harmonious arrangement of household items and other imperative factors.

So, if you want to maintain a balance between good health and contented life, then maintain a positive feng shui inside your house. Make sure you keep your home neat, clean and de-cluttered to get the most out of positive energy. Hire highly-experienced cleaning company in Brisbane to keep your house germ-free.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient architectural art and science originated in China 3000 years ago. In simple translation, Feng means “wind”, and Shui means “water”. According to the Chinese tradition and culture, wind and water are co-related with good fortune and good health while the bad feng shui is associated with misfortune.

That is one the reasons why good feng shui has become a crucial feature of modern buildings (both residential and commercials) across the world, including Australia. From the facing of the front door to the position of the staircase in a house, everything plays a vital role in determining the different aspects of feng shui.

1. Appropriate Use of Lighting

One of the best ways to determine whether your house has good Feng Shui is how it utilises the natural light (sunlight). Natural light should travel through the place and uplift the entire atmosphere of your house.
Natural lighting not only slashes negative vibrations but also leave a great impact our physical and mental health.

That is one of the main reasons why keeping the windows clean is important when it comes to settling down with a good feng shui. You can take professional assistance from trained cleaners in Brisbane to get your windows, blinds and air vents cleaned effectively and efficiently and have a positive and healthy environment in your home. In the absence of sunlight, you can use artificial lighting. Make sure you correctly install artificial lights at the right places.

For example: Instead of using extremely bright light, it is good to have dimmer bulbs with lower wattages at night. It relaxes the mind and also softens the evening light.

2. Creative Artwork

Beautiful artwork not only enhances the beauty of a house but also defines the positive aspects of a good Feng Shui. Though decorating a home with art pieces vary from person to person, there are some common rules on how it should be leveraged in a home for a good fortune.

First of all, an artwork should complement your walls, furnishings and room décor of your house. For narrow walls, you can use smaller pieces of artwork, while for wider ones, use larger pieces. Make sure you hang them at the correct height.

Tip: Visit popular art and gallery exhibitions in Brisbane to explore traditional and contemporary art pieces such as paintings and photographs of the breathtaking landscape to boost the visual appearance of your house.

3. Wall Painting & Colour

The wall colours in your house also define the positive and negative aspects of Feng Shui. According to the Chinese ancient architectural science, a house doesn’t need to be painted in gold, blue or red colour because it is a bad sign of Feng shui.

It is imperative to deliberately choose the wall colours based on the different factors such as cultural backgrounds, past experiences and gender. A home should be painted with the colour that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

4. Clean and Organised Surroundings

Dirt, dust and clutter house can make you feel lazy and depressed. Plus, contaminated surfaces attract bacterial infection and other harmful diseases like asthma, respiratory disorders, etc. So, if you want to leverage the good flow of positive Feng Shui, then keep your house neat and clean. Engage in regular cleaning of your house – keep your carpets, furniture, floors, windows, blinds, ceiling area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom clean and germ-free.

If you want thorough house cleaning, then hire a reliable and dedicated cleaning company in Brisbane. An experienced company possesses a team of highly-trained cleaners who leave no stone unturned in getting your house clean and spotless. So, choose a company that best fits your cleaning needs and estimated budget.

5. Use of Natural Resources

There is a direct connection between the human beings and natural resources. We humans rely entirely on nature and natural resources. So, the homes that incorporate natural textures, images, shapes and materials such as wooden furniture, artwork, indoor plants and flowers as an interior design feel better than places that don’t.

Integration of natural resources inside a house is one of the key signs of a good Feng Shui because it boosts the spontaneous connection to the natural world.


Everyone wants to live in a comfortable, relaxed and peaceful environment, especially when it comes to a home. With the sole aim to uplift the flow of positive energy, people are focusing more on leveraging the positive aspects of Feng Shui. From determining the size of the rooms, to use of right colours on walls, type of furniture lines to the cleanliness of the property, everything is closely examined to have a good Feng Shui.

In order to maintain the positive and vibrant atmosphere in your house, make sure you follow the basic rules of this ancient architectural concept carefully and keep your house deeply cleaned by hiring a professional cleaning company in Brisbane.

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