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How to Get Your Full Bond Back at the End of Tenancy in Brisbane

How to Get Your Full Bond Back at the End of Tenancy in Brisbane
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Aug 11 2020
Feeling tensed and stressed as the end of your tenancy draws near is extremely common. Every tenant feels these emotions because moving is a challenging and hectic process that requires careful planning and management of a variety of tasks simultaneously.

As a lessee, there is abundant pressure on you to return the property in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy. Barring fair wear and tear, a tenant has to pay attention to the property during the stay to ensure there is no damage or loss that may cost them to lose their bond money.

Therefore, it is important to understand how to get your bond back at the end of a tenancy in Brisbane. Have a look at this guide that has insights by professionals like real estate counsellors, property inspectors, and end of lease cleaning experts in Brisbane to learn more about getting your entire security deposit.

Reread Your Lease Contract

Whether you have a long-term lease contract or a short one rereading the agreement as the end of tenancy approaches is necessary for refreshing the terms and conditions in your mind for moving out successfully. Go through the agreement to renew your memory regarding fair wear and tear, end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, repairs & damages, bond refund, pest control etc.

Rereading your contract is especially crucial if for any reason you need to leave the property earlier than the decided period and break the lease. There are certain situations in which the lease can be broken legally, and the tenant is eligible for getting a full refund of the bond.

You need to know these situations and if they apply to you. The contract may be reread in case of subletting as well to make sure it is a viable option, and the landlord will not have a problem with you moving on by getting a new tenant for the property.

Prepare for the Final Inspection

Once the moving date is fixed and the notice to move is served to the property owners or manager, it is time to prepare for the final inspection. The end review of the property is done for the exit report, which can be created by the property owner/manager or an external inspector hired by the landlord.

Hopefully, you focused on the initial condition report and documented the original state of the property at the start of the tenancy for reference. Having the proofs of damages, wears, tears, and infestations, when you moved in will help you know the things you are not responsible for repairing or paying for rectifying at the end of the tenancy.

However, if any damage or repairs need to be performed because of your involvement, then make sure they are prioritised and managed before the final inspection. Being proactive will help you move out of the rented property without facing any deductions from the bond and make the process of claiming the security deposit easier.

Prioritise the End of Lease Cleaning

One of the most significant activities to perform for getting your bond back at the end of a tenancy is to deep clean the entire property. Read your lease agreement to check the clauses about bond cleaning to know if you can do it yourself or have to hire end of lease cleaning professionals in Brisbane. Most landlords today ask for the properties to be purged by professionals and request the receipt or bill to process the bond refund.

Furthermore, according to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) in Queensland, if the landlord had the property and carpets cleaned by professionals, the tenant may have to hire professionals to meet the standards of sanitation.

In addition, if the property was free of pests at the start of occupancy, then the tenant has to ensure there are no pests when they leave, and it may require taking professional assistance. Therefore, it is essential to prioritise the final clean and contact a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Brisbane for it along with additional services you may need.

Learn Everything about Claiming the Bond

All bonds in Brisbane are lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority, and the claim for refund can be made by the tenant or the landlord after mutual consent.

Once the claim is filed, both parties are notified via email addresses provided at the time of lodging about the proceedings. On average the claim that is not disputed is processed within five days of the RTA receiving the completed bond refund form signed by both parties. The amount is unusually credited via bank accounts transfer.

What to do if a Bond Refund Dispute Arises?

A dispute for bond refund can arise if any of the parties involved in a lease agreement don’t agree with the amount being claimed. Disagreement can arise if the landlord has made deductions from the refund due to the tenant not meeting the end of lease cleaning standards in Brisbane, damage to property, repairs beyond fair wear and tear etc.

If the tenant disagrees with the deductions, then he/she can file for a full claim of refund without the signature of the landlord.

If one party has claimed the refund, then the other party gets a notice of claim to which he/she can respond within 14 days. If an agreement is reached within this period, then the agreed amount of the bond can be refunded. Please note, within the notice period of the claim, the RTA can assist in dispute resolution.

However, if the resolution is not made within 14 days of notice, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) can be approached, and it shall pass a judgement. But, the best course of action would be self-resolution which is to sort the matter face-to-face before approaching the tribunal.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to move, then please be responsible by meeting all the requirements in your lease agreement. Make sure to reread your lease contract, prepare for the final inspection, prioritise the end of lease cleaning, and learn everything about claiming the bond for moving out successfully.

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