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8 Important Tips For Hiring Office Cleaners in Brisbane

8 Important Tips For Hiring Office Cleaners in Brisbane
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jan 11 2018

For all organisations, office space forms a central point of the business, since it gives a significant impression to the customers about the employees, business owners and the operations of the company. A tidy and clean office is conducive to work, and it stimulates enormous creativity from office workers. So, it becomes imperative for a business to find the right and reliable cleaning company in Brisbane.

Many local cleaning Companies are in market offering their office cleaning services to customers, but eight essential tips need to be considered when hiring professional for office cleaning in Brisbane and they are;

Verification of Insurance Cover

Verification of insurance cover from the cleaning Company is the most significant tip to consider before hiring a cleaning Company. A Company with liability insurance plan protects you against incurring compensation costs in circumstances when a cleaner gets injured in the course of cleaning the office.

Having this cover also motivates cleaners to perform their work efficiently without worrying about reparations in case unexpected harm occurs. Proof of insurance is hence a crucial factor for office cleaning in Brisbane. A cleaning Company having no insurance plan is likely to land you into extra liability costs such as repair and medical expenses as a result of cleaning perils.

Communication System of the Company

Ensure that the Companies’ communication system is reliable and efficient to maintain standard client services. Communication should be secure since office cleaners might be needed on emergency bases when unexpected meetings are about to occur.

The cleaning Company should also make it a point to communicate thoroughly on any updates or changes in cleaning cost. The most reliable cleaning Company would provide various means of communication to ensure a steady flow of information for its customers.

Tools and Equipment

Consider whether the cleaning Company has proper tools and equipment to perform its services efficiently. You should ensure this so that the office gets sufficient information on what should be purchased based on what cleaners have.
This also provides a point for assessing different cleaning Companies in Brisbane based on whether they offer specific essential services or array of services. A Company providing multiple office cleaning services is the most flexible to work with compared to the ones giving particular cleaning services.

Before hiring a Company, you should ensure that it has
specialised equipment for performing different tasks and uses green cleaning products. This guarantees that the tools used for cleaning windows are diverse from those used for cleaning office carpet, machines and furniture.

Cost Consideration.

Most offices hire cleaning services based on their projected budget and size of their premises. The cost of cleaning should be directly proportional to the quality ratio of services offered by a cleaning Company. The cheapest cleaning Companies are more likely to provide substandard services or associated with other hidden costs that might be outside clients’ budget. You should choose a Company based on the output of work to assess whether it corresponds to the value of hiring.

Reputation of the Company

An outstanding reputation and performance excellence should be among the top tips to reflect on when hiring cleaning services. A good cleaning Company should have an excellent reputation with a large volume of satisfied clients.

The positive reviews and happiness of earlier customers is evidence of quality and effectiveness of services offered by the business.

Information regarding reputation can be obtained by either reviewing online testimonials or consulting with offices serviced by similar Company. One should confirm the reviews given by genuine clients from promotional reviews before deciding on whether to hire a given cleaning Company.

Customisation of Services

The cleaning Company to be hired should be able to offer customised and flexible services. Since most offices are busy, you have to ensure that the cleaning services offered can be customised to meet your office schedule and needs.

Flexibility is imperative as it ensures that you can specify directives and how many times the cleaning would be conducted. Addressing specific areas that need more attention ensures that the cleaning services offered are consistent with missions and operational expectations outlined in your office.

Professionalism and Expertise

Professionalism and expertise of cleaners mandated to clean your office is a significant tip to consider. How long have they cleaned offices? How have they been trained? Where have they worked before? Before hiring a cleaning Company in Brisbane, you should ensure that the professional employees given different roles have a deep
understanding and cleaning knowledge to handle and operate equipment and cleaning machines appropriately.
An expert cleaner is experienced in cleaning offices and will have your premise cleaned with all details retained into consideration. Poor cleaning Companies are associated with low hiring cost while excellent cleaning Companies are related to high cost. But this a myth as everything depends on how the company conducts its operations, which implies that one should not be associated to companies offering sub-standard services but instead a professional Company providing quality service to work within the long run.

Proper Definition of the Job

Ensure that you define the scale of work that needs to be conducted in your office, before hiring a cleaning Company. Everything depends on whether you have scheduled your office for a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or one-time cleaning.

One should stipulate every part of the job that needs to be done and ensure that the cleaning company provides enough members for conducting such work.

In case special instructions are required for the areas which need more attention, earlier communication should be issued to the associated company before the scheduled time begins. Will your office be cleaned when furniture and office equipment are in or vacuumed? The scope of work should also consider using eco-friendly products cleaning and avoid using harmful products such as using ammonia to wash office.

Set a Guideline

When hiring office cleaning Company in Brisbane, you should inform them about any conventional standards that they need to achieve. These rules will have to be followed and maintained by the cleaners since they form a unit of protecting office workers from sudden injury and illness. One should also interview the cleaners and confirm whether they have cleaned similar places to be confident if they will understand the level of cleanliness expected.


Evaluating these tips when hiring an experienced cleaning Company like Bond Cleaning in Brisbane will ensure high cleaning standards for your premise. Their professional cleaners will sanitise your workspace and provide a germ-free environment for work, without any hassle and inconvenience.