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Things You Must Know Before Hiring Bond Cleaners in Brisbane

Things You Must Know Before Hiring Bond Cleaners in Brisbane
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Sep 15 2020

At the end of a tenancy, lessees go through extreme stress, challenges and anxiety because there are a host of tasks to complete in a short period. Among these tasks, an important one is bond cleaning which is performed to get the security deposit submitted at the start of the tenancy back and move out of the rented property successfully.

Earlier most tenants did the deep cleaning themselves but times have changed as both the landlords and lessees now prefer professionals perform the end of lease cleaning.

However, this increased demand has led to the mushrooming of bond cleaning companies in Brisbane, making it difficult to decipher if the cleaners are reliable and which company to choose. If you are facing the same dilemma, here are things you must know before hiring bond cleaners.

What is their Market Reputation?

One of the prime criteria for selecting a bond cleaning company in Brisbane should be their market reputation because it gives insight about their reliability. Reputed companies have excellent services, a team of trained cleaners, and years of experience.

They can offer customised solutions and serve as one-stop destinations where you can get bond cleaning services along with additional services like carpet cleaning, pest control, wall-washing, etc.

Look for cleaning companies that have been in business for years, offer several services, and receive rave reviews from a variety of customers they have served.

What are their Cancellation, Refund, and Rescheduling Policies?

Due to unforeseen circumstances or delays, you may have to cancel a booking or reschedule which is why it is essential to hire cleaners who have a system in place that can help you do these activities without losing money.

Therefore, before booking bond cleaners in Brisbane ask about their cancellation and refund policies along with options for rescheduling in case the moving date shifts.

Most reputed cleaning companies are able to offer cancellation within 24-48 hours with a full refund of the booking amount, but being sure is necessary. In addition, they have the resources to manage to reschedule and provide their services.

Is their Customer Support System Good?

It is easy to judge if the cleaners you are considering have a good customer support system by getting in touch with their team.

Reckoned and experienced companies who arrange for their trained and skilled bond cleaners in Brisbane to render services usually have an excellent system for coordination between their team that books jobs after interacting with the client and the resources.

If the cleaners don’t have a reliable customer support system, there can be tardiness, confusion, and other problems. Therefore, ensuring the company you wish to hire cleaners from has a sorted and streamlined process for customer support is essential.

Do the Cleaners have Adequate Experience, Training, and Equipment?

Other important things to know before hiring bond cleaners in Brisbane are whether they have experience of at least 2-5 years and received the proper training to perform end of lease cleaning. Knowing these things is essential to judge whether the cleaners you are hiring are professional, committed, and know how to perform the clean to help get your bond back.

In addition to learning about their experience and training, it is essential you inquire about the tools they have because it will help know if they are suitable for the work. Reputed bond cleaners in Brisbane have high-performance and modern cleaning tools to help them complete jobs effectively and efficiently.

Are the Cleaners Verified and Reliable?

Since the cleaning industry is saturated with cleaners claiming to be the best and most trusted, it is essential to do research and ensure the cleaners you are considering to hire are verified and reliable. While booking the cleaners, make sure to ask the company whether background checks are done before employment or contract signing.

In addition, ask for the cleaners’ identification card, contact details, and other information to help you know about them and their background. Don’t book cleaners who are not able to share basic details and information because that can mean they are not verified and trustable.

Do the Cleaners have Good Client Feedback?

Many cleaners may boast of having good reviews, but as a tenant who is looking for professionals to hire for end of lease cleaning, you should do proper research and learn whether the claim is true. Before booking bond cleaners in Brisbane, it is essential to check the reviews and rating they have received from clients after rending their services.

Good and reputed cleaners will have generally favourable and good comments. Besides, they may be able to offer contact information to get client feedback directly to help you decide they are trustworthy professionals.

The Bottom Line

Bond cleaning is an important activity that needs to be performed for getting the security deposit submitted at the start of a tenancy. The chances of securing the amount are significantly higher when professionals are hired.

However, there are numerous cleaners in the industry claiming to be the best, which is why the things mentioned above will help you know how to choose the right cleaners and get your rented property cleaned professionally.

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