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How Hiring A House Cleaning Service Can Actually Save You Money?

How Hiring A House Cleaning Service Can Actually Save You Money?
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Dec 24 2020
Commonly, people assume hiring a cleaning service for getting your home deeply sanitised is not a feasible option. It is considered expensive, but over the years, the need for assistance from expert cleaners has increased, and it is expected to keep rising in the future.

The demand is especially high among tenants who have to get their rented properties cleaned at the end of the tenancy. Most lessees hire bond cleaners in Brisbane to increase their chances of getting a full rental bond repayment.

Want to know how hiring a house cleaning service can save you money? Here is your complete guide outlining costs involved when moving and why hiring professional cleaners is an economical option.

Cost of Moving for Tenants

As a tenant, you have to consider various expenses besides the ones for cleaning and sanitising the rented property. Before you think about booking an bond cleaning company in Brisbane, have a look at the following costs to consider.

  • Continuous Expenses: Utility bills, rent, subscriptions/internet/phone bills, groceries, conveyance, insurances, etc.
  • One-time Expenses: Advance rent, bond payment, new connection fees, removalist service charge, etc.

Manage your expenses by creating a budget and getting an estimate of the overall expenditure of your move.

How Hiring a House Cleaning Service Helps You Save Money?

While moving, many people spend unnecessarily on cleaning due to poor planning and lack of knowledge. Therefore, if you want to save money at the end of the tenancy and get your rented property cleaned adequately; consider availing a house cleaning service in Brisbane. Here are various reasons why booking end of lease cleaners is cost-effective.

1. No Need to Gather or Purchase Supplies

You don't need to buy cleaning supplies such as products, tools, and equipment. Commercial cleaners, modern tools, and high-performance machines cost a lot. You can have a budget to buy them but it is not a practical solution.

When you hire professionals they bring their cleaning products and tools to sanitise the house. In addition, depending on what services you avail, they use suitable equipment like vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, tile scrubbers, steam cleaners etc.

These machines are expensive and although you can rent them, it is better to hire professionals who know how to use them correctly rather than go through the hassle yourself.

2. Pay for Required Services Only

You only pay for required services and don't have to pay a single penny extra. For instance, suppose your house has dirty carpets and needs a deep clean. You can hire bond cleaning service in Brisbane and a carpet cleaning service without having to book any other service (if not required).

Most reputed house cleaning companies offer a variety of services and provide personalised solutions. They charge you only for the services you need and also clearly mention the cost divisions. What's more, good cleaning companies don't impose hidden charges and even give free/no-obligation quotes for estimations.

3. Higher Chances of Getting Your Bond Back

Tenants get bond refund assurance from good house cleaning companies in Brisbane, which is necessary. When tenants don't take professional cleaners' assistance, they often don't get a full rental bond repayment.

If the tenant performs a DIY clean-up and it doesn't meet the property manager/landlord's requirements, then he/she arranges professional cleaners for a re-clean and the service charge will be deducted from your bond money. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and hire affordable cleaners rather than lose a substantial amount from your bond.

4. Delays Can Cost Money

While moving, there are many other tasks to complete, and delays in completing these tasks can result in extra expenditure. End of lease cleaning is a time-consuming activity, and DIY sanitation can take you days and cost you valuable time. Instead, hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane who can deep clean the entire real estate within hours.

5. Avoid Damage

Another reason why hiring professional bond cleaners in Brisbane is a wise and economical choice is they clean with expertise, right techniques, and suitable cleaning supplies minimising the chances of damage.

During DIY cleaning, the risk of causing damage to the household surfaces and its fixtures is significant. Therefore, it is better to seek the help of professional cleaners who know how to clean different types of properties safely and have insurance.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning and sanitising your rented real estate are imperative for getting your bond back in full. To return it in the same and reasonably clean condition it was in at the start of the tenancy it is best to seek the assistance of professional bond cleaners in Brisbane. Hiring experts is economical for various reasons, as mentioned above and helps you save money while moving.

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