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House Cleaning Tips to Ease Allergies

A Kid is suffering from allergy
House Cleaning Tips to Ease Allergies
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jan 16 2020

Is someone in your home suffering from environmental allergies? If yes, then regular house cleaning can help you minimise the amount of dust, grime, bacteria and other allergens. However, getting into the cleaning process when you are allergic to dust, pollen and dander can lead to various health problems such as itchy eyes, sneezing fits and asthma. So make sure you wear a mask while sprucing up your home, especially when it comes to removing dust and grime.

Regular house cleaning not only helps you get rid of allergy triggers but also alleviate potential symptoms. Whether it is about vacuuming carpets and rugs twice a week or keeping the windows grime-free, make sure you follow the best cleaning. If you are preparing your rental premises for a final inspection and allergic to dust, then you should look for professionals who can perform a thorough end of lease cleaning in Brisbane using safe and sound products.

Well, you can also ease allergies by keeping your house clean on a regular basis. For that, you need to avoid common cleaning mistakes and follow the pro cleaning tips mentioned below in this article.

1. Prepare a Cleaning Schedule

It is always good to prepare a cleaning schedule to make things easier, especially when you are doing it without any assistance. If you are allergic to dust or pollen, then you should keep your house healthy and dust-free to reduce symptoms.

Since you are a working professional, you can't deep-clean your house daily. Instead of jumping into the process, allergy sufferers should prepare a cleaning schedule and divide the tasks so that they can bring a balance and keep their living space clean and healthy.

2. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

People suffering from allergies should avoid using cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. Below are some of the chemicals that you should not use in any form:

  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Sodium Hypochlorite

You can easily find these ingredients in the following cleaning products:

  • Disinfectants
  • Dish detergents
  • Furniture polish
  • Fabric softeners
  • Mildew removers
  • Glass cleaners and many more.

Instead of using harsh cleaning products, it is good to choose green cleaning ways that can be ideal for those who are suffering from allergies. You can use homemade green cleaning agents such as vinegar, salt, baking soda, olive oil, tea tree oil, magic erasers or lemon juice. These work wonders in removing tough stains, grime, mould and mildew.

Tip: Read labels before buying any cleaning products to avoid irritating chemical ingredients.

3. Vacuuming is Important

Carpets and upholstered furniture needs thorough vacuuming if you want a dust-free home. Being a homemaker, it is your responsibility to remove dust, grime, pollen and other contaminants accumulated deep inside the fibres of your carpets and furniture using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

It is good to vacuum your floor coverings and other surfaces at least twice a week to reduce allergies and harmful bacteria. For better outcomes, use a vacuum machine that comes with a HEPA filter as it has the potential to fetch tiny particles of dander, dust, pet fur and pollens.

Tip: If your carpets need thorough steam cleaning without any discolouration, then hire carpet cleaning experts in Brisbane.

4. Get Rid Of Dust and Grime Daily

One of the useful house cleaning tips for allergy sufferers is to removing dirt, dust and grime using a microfiber cloth. Keep all your rooms dust-free using different types of dusters and a clean microfiber cloth.

Try to pay special attention to the areas around your house, which can trigger asthma or allergy attack. It is good to keep windows, doors, fans, baseboards, switchboards, and other household surfaces clean to ease unwanted allergies.

5. Clean Curtains & Blinds

There is no denying the fact that curtains and blinds quickly accumulate dust and dirt. So, make sure you clean them up using a vacuum with an attachment. After wiping down your dirty windows, remove the dust from blinds using a microfiber cloth or a microfiber blind cleaner.

You can also launder curtains once a week, especially if someone in your home is suffering from allergies.

Tip: For thorough cleaning of your rental property in Brisbane, it is good to hire highly-trained end of lease cleaners in Brisbane. They come to your place with all the necessary tools and clean the entire premises according to the REIQ-approved checklist.

6. Change the Beds Linens

Believe it or not! Your bed sheets are covered with dead skin, pet dander, hair and pollen that can be harmful if you have asthma or other allergies. If you want to alleviate the allergy symptoms, then you should wash your bed linens once a week using a mild, fragrance-free detergent.

Also, vacuum your comforter and mattress once or twice a week. This will promote a dust-free atmosphere inside your home.

7. Treat Mould and Mildew ASAP

It is imperative to keep moisture or dampness under control while cleaning the bathroom to avoid allergies. Moisture around your bathroom can lead to mould and mildew, which is not a good sign if you are suffering from allergies.

To avoid this situation, make sure you wipe down the damp walls, floors and other wet surfaces in your bathroom. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the showerhead, walls, and floors. Also, make sure you leave doors open for proper ventilation.

8. Minimise Allergens

It is good to take preventative measures while cleaning your house to ease allergies. Below are some hacks that can help you alleviate allergy triggers in your abode:

  • Keep the entryway clean.
  • Invest in a HEPA air filter to kill dust pollens and allergens.
  • Never use scented cleaning products and harsh chemicals.
  • Minimise dust-collecting clutter
  • Wash dirty dishes after your every meal.
  • Install the best quality air purifier.


Keeping a house clean regularly can prevent moulds and mildew from growing and also help you alleviate allergies. The cleaning tips mentioned above in this article will make your house look cleaner and healthier while minimising potential allergy symptoms. You can also consider hiring professionals for the affordable end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. They can remove dust, dirt, grime, grease, mould and mildew without giving you a hint of stress.