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House Cleaning Checklist Before Listing Your Home For Sale

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House Cleaning Checklist Before Listing Your Home For Sale
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Nov 11 2021

Listing a home for sale is life’s one of the biggest deals. Increasing the value of your residential property requires a lot of marketing tactics, proper research and professional assistance.

Attracting potential home buyers can be challenging but not impossible. You can install extensions, renovate your kitchen and do proper cleaning before selling your house. According to some experts, spending a few dollars on house cleaning supplies or services can instantly boost the value of your property.

Representing a clean, shiny and germ-free living space helps prospective buyers to make the right decisions quickly because the look and feel of the premises leaves a great impression.

That’s the reason why landlords expect their tenants to return the rented property in a clean state at the end of a tenancy so that they can easily get the new tenant without any hassle. Professional bond cleaners in Brisbane thoroughly inspect all the areas and deliver sparkling results at the best price.

If you want to list your home for sale and increase its value, then deep clean your property. Here is a complete checklist for your home:

1. De-clutter your House

Before treating dust, dirt and grime, make sure you get rid of clutter to make your look spacious and organised. Toss unnecessary items, such as old clothes, furniture, broken items, etc to make a good impression. Here is a house de-cluttering checklist for you:

  • Throw away all rubbish
  • Wash all your clothes and put them inside the closet
  • Put magazines and books in a shelf
  • Minimise the decoration pieces
  • Pack all your personal documents and keep them in a folder.
  • Properly arrange furniture
  • Donate pre-loved furniture pieces to the local charity in Brisbane
  • Organise a garage sale to get rid of items that are in working condition.

2. Remove Dust and Dirt

Improve the indoor air quality and make your home look clean and shiny by removing accumulated dust from every corner of your home. You can dust every room and area using the following checklist:

  • Ceiling fans, including blades
  • Ceiling walls, light fixtures and fittings
  • Deep clean window sills, and window tracks, frames and glasses
  • Skirting boards
  • All ledges
  • Cupboards, cabinets and shelves, inside and outside
  • Picture rails
  • Vacuum your upholstery furniture, carpets and rugs
  • Door tracks, etc

Tip: Use microfiber cloths, dusting mops, and a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner to fetch tiny dust particles, cobwebs and dirt from all surfaces.

3. Get rid of Pet Stains and Smell

Do you have pets at home? Whether you have a cat or a dog, make sure you clean the entire house properly before showing it to the prospective buyer. Get rid of pet hair, biological stains and unpleasant smell from floors, carpets and rugs using safe and sound products.

  • Wash and sanitise food and water bowls
  • Clean litter trays
  • Vacuum your mattresses, upholstery furniture
  • Carpets, rugs and other surfaces
  • Wash and disinfect pet toys
  • Get rid of pet stains using white vinegar and warm soapy water. Instead of scrubbing the surface, use a microfiber cloth and blot the carpet and rug.

4. Deep Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is always a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. If you want to impress potential buyers, make sure you deep clean your kitchen and make it look organised. Here is the checklist:

  • Get rid of unwanted items from your kitchen cupboards and cabinets
  • Wipe down the cupboards inside and out
  • Clean windows
  • Remove stains and grime from the countertop, a stovetop, and sink
  • Clean and sanitise the faucets and taps
  • Deep clean kitchen appliances
  • Unclog drains
  • Mop the floor

5. Clean and Disinfect your Bathroom

Do not forget to deep clean your bathrooms from top to bottom if you want to increase the value of your home. Here is a complete cleaning checklist:

  • Clean the showerhead, Shower screen and glass doors
  • Remove soap scum from your bathtub
  • Clean the tiles and grout lines using baking soda
  • Clean the toilet seat, and surface around your toilet
  • Clean and polish sink and faucets
  • Remove stains from walls
  • Mop the floor

6. Spruce up Outside Your Home

Consider the following checklist and enhance the exterior part of your abode.:

  • Clear the mess and sweep out your garage
  • Throw trashes
  • Water all outdoor plans and prune them if required
  • Trim bushes and shrubs
  • Properly clean the front door area and also paint it
  • Pressure clean the driveway
  • Clean debris from the gutters
  • Remove dust from the patio area


Selling a house at the best price requires proper knowledge, professional assistance and the right selling techniques. If you want to list your home for sale, make sure you deep clean the premises from top to bottom according to the checklist mentioned above in the article. If you are moving out of a rented property, hire trained people for a thorough bond cleaning in Brisbane for the sake of your deposited security.