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Clever Home Organisation Ideas To Keep It Clean

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Clever Home Organisation Ideas To Keep It Clean
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Oct 18 2021
Keeping your home neat and tidy is crucial to maintain its appearance and live a healthy life. Besides dusting, vacuuming and cleaning, you should also focus on decluttering and organising your abode.

Disorganised surroundings impact household members' mental well-being because clutter can visually overwhelm anyone, causing you and others to experience stress, anxiety and anger. Clutter also affects concentration, as it is hard to focus on anything when your environment is messy.

You can hire professional cleaners offering house cleaning or bond cleaning services in Brisbane to deep clean your house as per requirement. But, to maintain household hygiene and keep your home generally organised, here are some ideas you should implement.

Keep Things Parallel & Perpendicular

Develop the habit of keeping home decor items, accessories, containers, and other things parallel and perpendicular to each other or a wall. Do this organisational trick for things on countertops, tables, slabs, work desks, or other flat surfaces. It will help make any area look neat and allow you to wipe the surfaces and put the things in order quickly.

Set A Cleaning Station

Most people keep cleaning products and tools in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and other places. However, it can make finding the supplies difficult and confusing, which is why you should set a cleaning station at one place in your house.

This way, you know where all the supplies are and can reach them to maintain household sanitation at any time of the day. To make things even simpler, create a cleaning kit with essential supplies and store it at the stations. Even professional bond cleaners in Brisbane keep necessary cleaning supplies on hand by creating kits.

Use Drawer Dividers

Make extra space for personal belongings and household items by dividing the drawers into sections. Measure the storage units and get the right sized dividers to keep utensils, stationery, medicines, socks, innerwear, make-up, and much more.

You can get transparent, solid coloured or printed dividers as per personal taste to utilise the units completely yet stylishly. Usually, these dividers are easy to wash and dry quickly. Thus, you can keep using them for years and maintain neat and tidy drawers.

Declutter Every Month

The less trash and clutter you have in your home, the cleaner you can keep it. Develop the habit of decluttering every room in your home to remove broken things or items that don't serve a purpose.

Decluttering can help free space and make your home tidy and organised. If you have things in good considering but of no use, donate them to a local charity or sell them online to someone who needs them.

Strategically Place Small Storage Units In Every Room

Instead of dumping toys, blankets, dirty laundry, books, and other items in corners of rooms, get small storage units like racks, baskets and containers to keep them neatly.

Place these units against the walls or behind doors to blend them seamlessly into the rooms' layouts and keep them clean and organised. You can easily get these units in different sizes to fit in any room or area and store almost anything.

Keep Shoes Safely Outdoor

Invest in a shoe rack to safely keep footwear outdoors, especially those you wear for work or going outside. Shoes can bring a lot of dirt, grime and germs indoors. There, it is best to keep them outside and have indoor slippers separately. By getting a shoe rack, you maintain hygiene in your home, also store footwear neatly in one place rather than having them scattered around the house.

Install Shelves On Walls

To keep things organised in your kitchen, bathroom and living rooms by installing shelves on the walls. You can neatly stack books, home decor items, utensils, spices, skincare products, and almost anything on the shelves.

This way, you can utilise the walls to create more space for household belongings in different rooms and make it easier to maintain household cleanliness. You can easily clean these shelves by vacuuming or wiping them with a microfiber cloth and a multi-surface cleaner.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Inculcate the habit of making your bed every morning before you do anything else. It is a simple task you can complete in 5 minutes. By doing this activity every day, you have a neat and tidy bed for sleeping. Additionally, it helps you keep the beddings sanitary at all times.


Maintaining household hygiene is crucial to keep your home free of contaminants and illness-causing germs. Organising and decluttering are important to have a clean house, which is why using the home organisation ideas shared above keep your abode sanitary and mess-free generally.

However, if you are ending a tenancy, hire professional cleaners in Brisbane to deep clean your rental property and help you get your rental bond back in full.