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9 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Your Family

9 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Your Family
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Mar 03 2021

Time management is required when it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic home environment. If you have been dusting, wiping, scrubbing, sweeping and cooking, you know how tedious housekeeping chores can be. However, you can turn boring cleaning tasks into a fun activity by including your family. This is the best way to spend quality time with your spouse and kids.

With a few changes, you can encourage the entire family to join in the house cleaning process. It will not only reduce the cleaning time but also deepen your relationship bond.

However, you have to hire an experienced company for the best bond cleaning in Brisbane if you are moving out of a rental property. Instead of doing it yourself, book the professional service because they know how to carry out the most complicated chores with perfection.

But, if you want to make cleaning fun for your entire family, then consider the 9 tips mentioned below in the article:

1. Prepare a Cleaning Chore Checklist

From dusting hard-to-reach areas to scrubbing walls and other hard surfaces, cleaning a house varies in terms of complexity and intensity. To assign the right task to the right person, you need to prepare a complete chore list.

It is good to assign chores evenly depending on their potential. If you have small kids, then give them simple tasks like removing toys from floors or folding their bedsheet, etc. For the elder members, you can save tasks like mopping floors, cleaning kitchen appliances, etc.

Make sure the chore checklist or chart will show which member has to handle a specific chore. Do not forget to put a sticker opposite the completed tasks.

2. Create a Cute Little Cleaning Kit

You can prepare a miniature cleaning kit for your young kids because they love to mimic what their parents do. So, encourage them by giving a small cleaning kit which includes all the tools like brushes, cloths, etc in the miniature form.

It is good to give them small areas like a coffee table to clean to make them feel important. When kids have the tools they adore, it is easier to get them interested in cleaning and instrumental for instilling good hygiene habits.

3. Play Favourite Songs

Believe it or not! Listening to good music can uplift your mood, relax your mind and get your body moving when you are sprucing up a house. To make it a fun activity for your family, play their favourite songs one by one. So groove to the beat while removing dust from walls, fans and windows. This can be a great fun for the entire family.

Ask every household member to create a cleaning playlist containing songs they enjoy. To randomly choose whose playlist will play on the family cleaning day, write the names on chits and pick a name through lucky draw game.

4. Convert Boring Chores into Games

You can make cleaning chores a game and include your spouse, kids, siblings or your roommate to add more fun. It is good to add points whenever someone finishes the assigned task within a deadline. You can reward prizes whoever receives the highest points at the end of the week. This can be interesting when more members are involved in the cleaning process or game.

Tip: You always have an option to hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane if you want to secure your bond money at the end of your tenancy. Instead of doing it yourself, hire professionals who can perform the best service on your behalf.

5. Hide Treats

Convert your abode into a treasure trail by hiding stickers, chocolates and little coins in different areas, such as furniture, kitchen countertop, cabinets, drawers, etc. Now, give cleaning tasks to your kids such as dusting, and when they clean each corner, they will discover an exciting treat. Isn’t it exciting?

Getting rewards while cleaning and sanitising is excellent for motivating family members to spruce the household on weekends when everyone is usually home. The thrill of completing chores and getting treats can be a great motivator for them to clean.

6. Spruce Up Against the Clock

Use a timer to see who completes the given chore quickly. This can be a fun game as kids love to do such tasks that involve a time limit. It will also motive elders to finish the tasks as fast as possible.

So, assign a goal time for each task you need to complete. Then reward accordingly whoever beats the goal. For instance, if your sibling is cleaning the bathroom, then give 30 minutes of goal time to complete the task.

7. Turn it into a Workout

If someone in your family wants to shed some extra kilos, then cleaning can be a great activity. Sweeping, mopping and even wiping can help you burn calories. You walk back and forth, climb up and down, lift things from one place to another- all this will help you get moving.

You can some chores into a workout such as strapping on a pedometer and know how many steps you average while sprucing a house. Set a goal like 50 squats during the entire cleaning process and do whenever required. This will keep you feel happy and motivated.

8. Stage a Scavenger Hunt

Your home is the best place to set up a scavenger hunt for your young kids. Stage an entire trail of clues and prices where to search them. To get a specific clue, each member has to complete a cleaning chore such as making a bed, filling the water bottles or sweeping the floor. Make sure you give the prize at the end of the hunt to the potential member of your family.

9. Musical Washing

Like musical chairs, play this game to make cleaning a fun activity. All you need to do is to set up a line to wash, dry and stack the dishes. In every round, a song will be played. The person left holding the plate (if he or she is washing it, drying or stacking), has to complete the extra task. The winner will get a prize- like eating your favourite pizza or watching a movie.


These are 9 super-exciting ways you can adopt to make cleaning fun for your family, especially kids. You can spend quality time with your loved ones while sprucing up the house. If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire trained people for a thorough bond cleaning in Brisbane to get the bond back without any conflict.

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