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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

A women with her daughter enjoying at their house
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Dec 09 2019

Christmas is around the corner and the holiday season is about to start. Everyone is busy with shopping for Christmas, planning parties & dinners, calling family & friends, and much more. The month of December is when most people will visit your home, and it needs to be inviting. Besides decluttering your house, you need to deep clean it.

You can get your family member to help, or you could hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. Once all the decluttering and cleaning is complete, get to decorations. Lastly, put a charm on everything by making your house smell like Christmas and keep it aromatic throughout the holiday season.

The most common ways to make your house smell good are through lighting candles and spraying fragrances. However, there are other natural and non-toxic ways you can adopt. So, here are 5 ways to make your home smell like Christmas.

Make a DIY Spray Air Freshener

It is best to use a natural air freshener because store-bought fragrance sprays can be harmful because that have hazardous Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Acetate, Pinene, and Acetone etc.

To make the natural DIY spray air freshener, you will need the following things.

  • A spray bottle
  • 250-300 ml of distilled or tap water
  • 4-5 teaspoon of Vodka
  • A Christmas essential oil combination

Mix the ingredient in the spray bottle and your natural air fresher is ready. You can use it several times a day, and it is best if you use it 10-15 minutes before the guest arrive. You will need to spray the air freshener a few times to refresh, as it will last for a few hours only unlike commercial air freshener.

However, it is natural, so you can use it as many times as you want without worrying about harmful chemicals. Even reputed end of lease cleaners in Brisbane advocate the use of natural fresheners because they are safe and environment-friendly.

Put Scents In Cleaning Products

There is no better way to make your house smell like the holidays than putting Christmas smells in homemade cleaning solutions. Adding essential oils in DIY cleaning products is a trick expert end of lease cleaners in Brisbane use all the time.

The easiest way to spread Christmas smells throughout the house is to prepare a solution of warm water, liquid castile soap, and few drops of essential oil(s) of choice. Mop the entire house using this solution and the scent will last longer. This solution is organic, safe and suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces, floors, countertops, etc.

Use a Diffuser

Whether you have a diffuser at home already or going to invest in one, diffusers can help you make your house smell like Christmas. Fill the diffuser with warm water, and put a few drops of your essential oil. Turn on the diffuser 10-15 minutes before your family members, friends or acquaintances arrive. You can put drops of two or three essential oils to have a smell that is a blend of different Christmas scents.

In case you have a humidifier, you can use it too. Just dip a cotton ball in essential oil and place it in the medicine well. You can add two-three drops in the water tank also, but ensure you dilute the oil well.

Prepare Scent Jars

There are many ways to prepare scent jars. Here are two of them that are effective and the most suggested by expert end of lease cleaners in Brisbane.

  • To prepare the scented wood jar, you will need a wide glass jar, wood cubes (available in any crafts section or shop), and essential oil(s) of choice. Ensure the jar is clean and dry. In a separate bowl combine 2-3 essential oils of scents that remind you of Christmas. Coat the jar entirely with the oil mixture, place cubes inside, and brush the oil on the cubes. Close the lid and let the wooden cubes soak overnight or for 6-8 hours. Open the lid and place the jar where you want to spread the fragrance of Christmas.
  • Take a pan and boil 2-3 cups of water with orange peels, apple slices, cinnamon, start-anise, or any spices/ herbs. Add a few drops of vanilla extract or any essential oil of choice. Let the concoction brew over low heat for 2 minutes. Pour the simmering mixture into the jar and place anywhere in your house.

You can make as many jars as required, and it is best to place them near vents or windows. You can hang them as well. They make excellent decorations that smell great.

Cook Holiday Food

Nothing can make your house smell like Christmas than baked goods, roast dishes, and desserts. Enjoy the holidays by baking several batches of cookies, Pavlova, gingerbread, mince pies, cupcakes, and much more. Make your staple holiday foods such as prawns, ham, turkey, sausages, and other meats and vegetables. Since it’s the holiday season, you can ask your family to help you, and you can enjoy family time.

Also, every one of your family members, friends, and acquaintances will love to come over because of the delicious smells that will come out of your home. Cooking holiday food is the best option to make your house smell like Christmas, as the process is natural and wholesome. The results will satiate your hunger and need for Christmas festivities.

A Word of Advice

Your aim should be to make your house smell fresh and welcoming without using any artificial scents. These 5 ways are perfect for spreading non-toxic fragrances. Also, if your house smells, try to get to the root cause rather than masking the odour. Inspect your home for mould, seepage, dirty vents and other problems. Get end of lease cleaners in Brisbane to provide professional review and services.

Furthermore, ensure you take out the garbage every day. Clean dirty laundry, dishes, carpets, leftover food, and other things in your house regularly. If you have pets, bath them and keep them groomed to minimise pet odour. Also, maintain proper cleanliness at all times.

Wrapping Up

You must make your house smell good and inviting. Achieving this is easy. You need to declutter, clean, and naturally deodorise your home. If you are too busy, you can leave the cleaning part to professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane. For decluttering, you can take the help of family members and friends. The deodorising part is simple, as the 5 ways mentioned above are easy to follow and don’t take too much time.