Why Some People Find It So Hard To Clean?

tired woman in blue clothes holding rag in hand trying to dust the table

Why Some People Find It So Hard To Clean?

By : Angelina

Do you find house cleaning a tedious task? Have you managed time for carpet vacuuming? These are some questions that may disturb you especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment in the house. Being a housekeeper, you can’t keep yourself away from regular cleaning and dusting chores. If you have toddlers and pets, you have to get your house spruced up on a daily basis no matter how.

But due to the lack of time and complicated cleaning processes, you may find difficulties in getting the job done the way you want. Even, some people find it hard to get their property cleaned during the end of the lease agreement and thus lose their entire bond amount. For such novices, it is better to acquire a professional end of lease cleaning in Brisbane from a reputed company that can give you 100 % bond back guarantee with cleaning satisfaction. But if you are preparing for a DIY house cleaning, then look at the reasons why people find it hard:

1. Busy/Restricted Schedule

Cleaning a house is one of those household chores that require plenty of time and physical efforts. Due to the fast-paced life and busy schedules, it becomes hard for people to spruce up their house on a regular basis. It is obvious that you can’t vacuum your carpets or mop your floors when go to the office early every day. You have to involve in thorough cleaning if you don’t want to maintain the cleanliness of your house. Follow these simple rules to organise your cleaning schedule.

  • Create weekdays and weekend cleaning checklists separately·
  • Involve in quick cleaning like floor, carpet and furniture dusting on a regular basis
  • Keep vacuum cleaning, moping, sanitising and disinfecting bathrooms chores for weekends to avoid any diseases and infections.
  • Ask your family members to assist you in cleaning chores Make it a fun process.
  • Hire professional cleaners in Brisbane for thorough house cleaning.

2. Unaware of The Right Cleaning Process

When it comes to thorough house cleaning, it is imperative to follow the right cleaning process. Most of the people start cleaning their rooms without even creating a checklist. First, they clean the carpets and then move to the furniture, then walls, windows or ceiling fan – this is a wrong hierarchy. It could leave them nowhere because removing cobwebs from walls after cleaning your floors will make your floor and furniture dirty again. If you don’t want to trap into such hassles, follow the right order to clean up your house:

  • Start from top to bottom (from ceiling wall to shelves to windows to furniture to carpets/floors)
  • Keep things organised
  • Take one room at a time
  • Remove dry-dust from furniture, TV, AC, etc
  • Clean furniture fabric and make beds
  • Vacuum carpets and mop floors
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters and remove spills
  • Clean up your cabinets, refrigerator, and other electronic appliances
  • Disinfect your bathroom (especially your toilet seat, washbasin and taps)

3. Complexities in Window Cleaning

Most of the people find it hard to clean up their dirty windows. That’s why it is counted among the most tedious tasks. Streaks or water marks left behind after washing is the main reason for annoyance. Nobody has that patience and time to separate the screens from windows for deep washing and cleaning. Once you are done with washing, you have to wipe it off; otherwise, it would leave the streaks on the screen of your windows.

Due to these complexities, people don’t involve in thorough window cleaning. For the solution to your problem, follow these tips.

  • Use Vinegar and baking soda solution for stubborn stains
  • Always clean your windows on a sunny day.
  • Hire a cleaning company in Brisbane that can offer you professional window cleaning

4. Unable to Get Through The High-Reach Areas

Cleaning air ducts and vents in the kitchen and bathrooms can be challenging without the professional assistance. Since exhaust fans and other air duct appliances collect harmful air pollutants, make sure you get them cleaned in every alternate month. If you are leaving out of your rented property, then hire end of lease cleaning company in Brisbane for deep house cleaning including the high-reach areas. They have the right equipment and techniques to get your cleaning chore done in a breeze.

5. Lack of Advanced Cleaning Equipment

No matter how well you prepared for house clean, you can’t get 100% cleaning satisfaction because of lack of cleaning equipment.

You don’t have scrubbers, carpet extractors, floor machines and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for thorough and professional cleaning.

Instead of buying expensive equipment, it is better to hire professional cleaning company because they have the most advanced cleaning tools that can save your time while ensuring deep-oriented and professional cleaning satisfaction.


While maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a tough task, you can make it a bit easier by following the right cleaning methods. Of course, you may find obstacles, but your professional cleaning company like Bond Cleaning in Brisbane can help you get out of the stressful situations with ease.