How To Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

How To Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

By : Angelina

A new home presents so many wonderful possibilities and opportunities. This makes the process of moving way more exciting. However, before focusing on the fun parts of a move, you need to take care of the basics. This includes one of the most important tasks, i.e. deep cleaning your new residence.

Unless you move to a brand-new construction, the property will likely contain dust and other harmful particles. Whether you are renting or buying, a pre-move cleaning holds supreme importance.

This way, you can ensure the space will be healthy for you and your family. Moreover, a pre-move cleaning process will be easier due to the absence of furniture and boxes. This is why the best bond cleaners Brisbane recommend doing a deep clean before moving rather than after moving.

Here is how to clean your new home before moving in. Use these steps to keep your residence clean and hygienic.

1. Start From the Ceiling

Dust is not just limited to the countertops and floors. Whether it is ceiling fans, shelving, overhead lighting fixtures, or any other features around the ceiling, they can gather dust and grime.

However, they are not cleaned as often as other surfaces. If they finally do get a scrub down, they will sprinkle dust onto the space below. Because this is likely to happen when you clean the high surface, it is best to start the cleaning procedure by tackling such surfaces in each room.

Dealing with them before working your way down is the ideal way to ensure a dust-free space. During cleaning, simply slip an old pillowcase over the fan’s blade, which will help minimise collateral damage.

Next, wipe away from the fixture’s centre with the inside of the case’s top layer. Most of the dust will get collected in the case which you can toss or clean afterwards.

2. Clean the Refridgerator

Start by removing all the food items from the refrigerator. After that, budget bond cleaners in Brisbane recommend sanitising the surfaces. Because there is no food inside it, the process should not take more than 20 minutes. Remove the drawers and shelves. Clean them separately using soap and warm water.

Prepare a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water for the fridge’s interior. To scrub down all the surfaces, utilise a clean rag. If you spot any stuck-on gunk, allow the solution to sit and soak for a while. Once the shelves are dry, return them to the fridge. Repeat the same steps for the freezer.

3. Ensure the Rest of your Kitchen is Clean

Woman in white top and orange gloves cleaning kitchen cabinet with orange cloth.

After cleaning the fridge, clean the rest of your kitchen. Ensure you have followed step one and removed the dust from the lighting fixtures, ceiling corners, and tops of the cabinets. Next, follow these steps:

  • Clean all the other appliances, including stovetop, oven, etc.
  • Do not forget the countertops.
  • Clean the cabinets from the inside and outside while paying special attention to the handles.
  • To deal with tough stovetop stains, it is best to use a strong solution prepared through a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Simply add baking soda and sufficient hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl to prepare the paste. Distribute it over the stove and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes before scrubbing.

    4. Clean the Bathroom

    For the initial scrub down, you only need a sponge and dish soap. Follow up with using an antibacterial spray to eliminate the germs. When moving to a new home, it is best recommended to simply replace the toilet seat to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

    Remember to clean and sanitise light switches, faucets, door handles, and toilet paper holders. To get rid of hard water stains, simply rub them down using juice from a fresh lemon. According to professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Brisbane, doing these things will help you keep your bathroom clean.

    5. Deal with the Rest of the Spaces

    It is best to take an item-by-item approach to clean the rest of the space in your new residence. Do not forget to dust the easily forgotten surfaces. This includes the tops of the doors, light switches, windows and window treatments, and the insides of closets.

    For most such spaces, using a high-quality vacuum cleaner with an adequate attachment will help you get rid of dust and dirt. You can then follow up with using clean moist rags. Refrain from washing the windows when the sun is at its height. Either wait until evening or clean them when they are in the shade.

    6. Take Care of the Floors

    Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the edges and corners if you have tile, wood, and linoleum floors. Next, sweep up all the remaining debris. Avoid vacuuming the entire surface unless the vacuum cleaner you own is specifically designed for that purpose. Finish by mopping. Vacuuming won’t be enough to keep your carpet free of allergens. This is where experts who do professional bond cleaning Brisbane recommend using a steam cleaner.

    If you do not have one, hiring professionals is also a great option. To deal with stained grout, mix equal parts bleach and water in a bowl and then scrub using a toothbrush. Allow the DIY solution to sit on the surface for about an hour before scrubbing.

    Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

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    Wrapping Up

    Before moving in, cleaning your new residence is essential to eliminate the chances of getting sick while also maintaining a hygienic environment. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to ensure your new home is dust-free and looks visually appealing.