How To Claim And Get Your Rental Bond Back In Brisbane?

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How To Claim And Get Your Rental Bond Back In Brisbane?

By : Angelina
The mere mention of the word rental bond gives tenants the jitters. Getting it back is a struggle for most people because they usually fail to meet the expectations of the property manager. The law requires the renter to spruce up the rented property meticulously so that it is reasonably clean. However, many families are unable to match the criteria and have to part with the precious bond that is needed to pay for the relocation expenses. In the past year, the city of Brisbane has been moving at a fast pace after the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions to make up for the lost time. The housing sector has been displaying an exceptional boom with soaring interstate migration and low-interest rates. Consequently, the number of lease agreements being signed are going up in the metropolis. It has also increased the demand for the best bond cleaning in Brisbane as most tenants need professional assistance to achieve the milestone of bond retrieval. If you are inching towards the last month of your tenancy period, it is time for you to think about the cleaning chores and know the steps to claim the rental bond. Here is a rundown on how you can do it effortlessly.

Steps to claim the Rental Bond in Brisbane

The rental bond is the security deposit that is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) during the tenancy. When the lease ends, the tenant can make a claim for the bond by submitting the bond refund request form with the RTA. The renter can also submit the form digitally by logging on to the website of the State of Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority. If the landlord agrees on how the bond must be refunded and all the parties have signed the form, the amount gets credited into the bank account within 2-3 days. Conversely, if the landlord is not in agreement with the refund claim, the RTA will withhold the bond and will send a notice of claim to the parties that have not signed the refund form. The parties that have been sent the notice have 14 days to dispute the claim. The RTA provides the required dispute resolution if it receives a request for the same within 14 days. The RTA can release the undisputed amount after the claim is made. Most fussy landlords create a problem because they are dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the rented property. This is the reason why tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane to steer clear of any such hurdles in the way of bond retrieval. If the other involved parties do not dispute the claim within 14 days, the bond gets refunded to the person who submitted the claim first. In addition, if the parties do not agree, the person whose claim was not submitted first has the right to apply to the Tribunal within seven days and inform about the same to RTA. If an application with the Tribunal is not lodged, the bond is refunded to the person who made the first claim.

How to Get Your Rental Bond Back

Getting a bond refund is not as challenging as you may think. It is easy to retrieve and can be done by keeping a few things in mind. Here is what you need to do.

1. Make All Your Payments

The tenant can get the full refund if he/she makes all the rental payments and pays the utility bills on time. Since the landlord has the right to deduct the unpaid rent from the bond, you must not delay these payments. Also, the renter should repair any damage caused to the property during the lease period, such as a broken window or a doorknob. The tenant is liable to complete these restorations and must pay for them. If he/she fails to do so, the amount for the repair will be deducted from the bond.

2. Pay Attention to Property Condition Report

Usually, tenants are in a hurry when moving into the rented house and fill out the entry condition report in a jiffy to get it over. However, it is one of the most vital parts of the tenancy and should not be taken lightly. Look at every part of the house closely and list down all the damaged fixtures, spots on the carpets and cracks in the tiles. It is highly likely that a landlord may hold you responsible for existing damage at the end of the tenancy. So, make sure you have photographic evidence attached to the condition report to prove him wrong.

3. Clean the House Thoroughly

The moving period is riddled with myriad tasks that need to be completed within a short span. Thus, most people are pressed for time and are unable to achieve the target of effective end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. It is extremely difficult to achieve top to bottom sanitation and get the accumulated dust out of the hard-to-reach areas. Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for the assistance of professionals for the task. From stubborn stains on countertops and bathtubs to dirt-filled in the tufts of the carpets, they clean-up everything and bring it back to its original condition. You should also get pest control done if the property got infested after your arrival in the house.

4. Get the Carpets Cleaned

If you are planning to undertake the humungous task of end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, you must make sure that the carpets are cleaned and sanitised systematically. You can hire professionals for this specialised service as they provide pressure cleaning and steam cleaning services that are effective in flushing out all the fluff, dander, dirt, food particles, hair, allergens from the floor coverings. You should keep a copy of the receipt of the cleaning and provide it to the landlord if he expresses his concerns about the rugs and carpets. It is the easiest way to avoid any disputes over the cleaning of these fixtures. One thing to remember is that the landlord cannot force you to hire professionals for the cleaning, but you have to return the property in the same condition in which it was at the time of moving.

The Property Manager Must Exempt Fair Wear and Tear

Some landlords may try to take undue advantage of your ignorance and claim the bond for fair wear and tear. However, the normal wearing of the property cannot be used as an excuse to claim the bond, such as cracking of the wall paint or lost shine of the wooden floors. Unless there is damage to the property, the landlord cannot ask for the bond. So, make sure that you are aware of your rights and do not fall into the trap. Keep getting things repaired around the house whenever required so that they do not snowball into a massive crisis.


The information provided above is significant for tenants who are approaching the end of their tenancy. If you are finding it difficult to take out time to get the house ready for the inspection, opt for the best bond cleaning in Brisbane to safeguard your deposit and get it back without any disputes.