1. Play Hide-and-Seek With Your Dog

    There is no denying that Hide and Seek is one of the fun activities to play with your dog. It is a great way to tire out your furry friend physically and mentally.

    Have your pet stay in one room while you hide in another. You can use this time to dust surfaces or clear the mess. Once you are completed with a quick cleanup process, call out to them. Do not forget to reward them with the toy when they find you.

    Tip: Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from surfaces. It can make dusting super effective and efficient.

  2. Find the Treats

    Teach your dog the basic nosework games by playing the “find the treats” game.

    This is one of the best indoor activities to keep your pets engaged while you spruce up. Hide some treats in a home and keep your pet busy to find them. Give them cues as well to keep them engaged. Tire out your dog in this fun activity, and you can use that time to prepare a house cleaning kit to speed up the cleaning process.

  3. Keep Them Engaged with Stuffed Kong Toys

    Believe it or not! A stuffed Kong toy is the best way to keep your pet occupied and entertained. This amazing chew toy also provides mental stimulation and reduces mild separation problems and boredom of your beloved furry friend when you are busy in cleaning your abode.

    Make sure you stuff a Kong with some of your pet’s favourite treats, such as peanut butter, great yogurt, etc. and freeze them.

    Hide it in a room and let them find and chew the toy. A good stuffed Kong can last for half an hour to 1 hour. This is a great tool when you are preparing a rented property with the budget bond cleaners in Brisbane. Keep your pet in a separate room while you are busy tackling dirt and grime before the final rental inspection.

  4. Build an Obstacle Course

    You can build an obstacle course in your living room or any other room to keep your pup engaged. Make sure you clear some space to let your pet run and play without getting hurt or damaging your delicate items. All you need is:

    • Stacked towels, pillows and blankets to jump over
    • A large box to let your dog craw through
    • A basket full of toys
    • A low ottoman to jump on
    • A ball or flying disc

    Be sure you guide your dog through the course with treats and keep them engaged. Search fun games and activities for young kids as well so to help busy parents clean a house with ease.

  5. Use Laser Pointers for Cats

    cropped picture of a person playing with a cat

    Laser pointers are fun to keep your mischievous cats occupied for a few minutes. Let your kitty chase the red dot of light while you are doing something else, such as drinking coffee, making a bed or cleaning up your home.

  6. Chase the Bubble

    Blow the bubbles and let them chase it. This fun activity will keep your beloved pouch busy and active while you can spruce up your rental property in Brisbane.

    You can either invest in a traditional bottle solution for bubbles or splurge on an automatic bubble maker. This activity can be fun for both of you.

  7. Clean Up Together

    When dusting surfaces or vacuuming carpets, keep your dogs engaged by teaching cleaning basics. Encourage them to pick up their toys and put them in the right place, like a container.

    This will give your four-legged friend a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Regular practice can teach your pet to clean up his toys easily.

  8. Window Watching

    You can set up a perch near a window and let your pouch or kitty watch the chirping birds, lush trees and people outside. This may keep them engaged and entertained while you are busy doing dishes, vacuuming carpets, treating pet stains or mopping floors using a spray mop.

    However, if you are vacating a rented property in Queensland, book experts for an affordable bond cleaning in Brisbane. They will handle the cleaning tasks and give you peace of mind. Use that time to play with your pets and keep them relaxed.